Launching BOXI reports in BIRMS

You can launch BOXI reports from BIRMS pages meaning that you can assess your student data quickly and easily.

Running a report in BIRMS

Most BIRMS pages have a [Reports] button that opens a new window.

A drop-down box allows you to select the report that you require, and gives a short description of the report.

The correct information still has to be entered into the prompts and the report will take the same amount of time to run when generated in BIRMS as it does in BOXI. However, some prompts may populate automatically with information you specified in BIRMS, which you can change or remove before you run the report.

Location of BOXI reports

Not all BOXI reports are linked to pages in BIRMS. With the help of College users we have identified the most commonly used reports and linked them with the appropriate pages.

  • Location of BOXI reports within BIRMS (PDF - 58KB)


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