Calculating GPA and Cum Laude

**Cum Laude will not be in operation for 2019/20**


TGPA Cum Laude imageraining and guidance information for BIRMS users when processing GPA and Cum Laude for students on eligible undergraduate programmes from 2018/19.

 Overview process flow: GPA/Cum Laude and Exam Board preparation/processing (PDF - 289KB)


Reporting for GPA/Cum Laude and Exam Boards

The BOXI report finder (PDF - 279KB) has been updated to incorporate information about GPA and Cum Laude reporting:

  • GPA and Cum Laude data will now display where appropriate in existing Exam Board/End of Session reports;
  • there are also new reports providing Cum Laude statistical information.

All reports listed in the report finder have specific instructions describing how to run the report, the report format, and the information the report will provide.

Cum Laude Cohorts

Information about the current Cum Laude cohorts (PDF - 326KB), including the Schools/programmes attached to each cohort.



Professional Services