Marks, Decisions, GPA and Cum Laude: user resources

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User resources to support your End of Session preparation and processing during Main and Supplementary assessment periods.

From 2018/19, GPA and Cum Laude must be calculated for students on eligible undergraduate programmes.

How to calculate GPA and Cum Laude

PGT Dissertation Assessment Period


  • Marks and recommendations into BIRMS - N/A
  • Release of decisions and marksNoon on Friday 25 October 2019


Training presentations:

 Marks and Recommendations (UG and GT)



Weighted Marks Reckoners


Other resources

To support you in entering/importing component marks and auto-calculating module marks and recommendations:

For information on the legislation governing End of Session processing:


BOXI - reporting and checking

For information about BOXI for End of Session/exam board reporting:

Key BOXI reports can be run via BIRMS pages:




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