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From 2018/19, GPA and Cum Laude must be calculated for students on eligible undergraduate programmes.

How to calculate GPA and Cum Laude

Resolving common Degree Classification calculation errors

Exam Board guidance and resources  EoS resources: Marks and ARTS processing   EoS resources: Pre- and Post-Exam Board  
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Quick links:

  • UG Exam Board Guidance (PDF - 354KB)
  • PGT Exam Board Guidance (PDF - 341KB)
  • UG Timetable (Appendix A) (PDF - 156KB)
  • PGT Timetable (Appendix A.gt) (PDF - 118KB)
  • Sample Exam Board documents (Appendix B) (DOCX - 48KB)

Quick links:

  • EoS (PGTD) Checklist/Planner (PDF - 467KB)
  • BIRMS Marks Processing articles
  • Module Recommendations Quick Guide (PDF - 546KB)
  • BIRMS End of Session articles
  • UG ARTs Quick Guide (PDF - 394KB)
  • GT ARTs Quick Guide (PDF - 481KB)

Quick links:

  • EoS (PGTD) Checklist/Planner (PDF - 467KB)
  • Online Results in the portal (PDF - 689KB)
Errors and FAQs EoS for GT Non-Standard Programmes BOXI  
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Quick links:

  • Dealing with Errors
  • FAQs
  • EoS Jargon Buster

Quick links:

  • BIRMS EoS for NSPs presentation (PDF - 1.75MB)
  • NSP GT Masters: ARTs Quick Guide (PDF - 436KB)
  • NSP PGDip/Cert: ARTs Quick Guide (PDF - 431KB)

Quick links:

  • Step-by-step guide to BOXI (PDF - 952KB)
  • BOXI report finder (PDF - 279KB)
  • How to schedule BOXI reports (PDF - 532KB) 


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