Modules Outside the Main Discipline


MOMD registration 2014/15

From 11:00 on Monday 22 September, first year students will be able to register for MOMDs using the online form.

Students need to pick from the complete list of LC (Year 1) modules available for 2014/15 (PDF - 386KB), and registration will close at 12:00 on Friday 26 September.

Additional guidance is available for first year students on how to submit their MOMD choices.

Continuing students

MOMD Registration for continuing students is now open. This means that if you are a second, third or fourth year student in 2014/15 and you are required to take an MOMD, you can view available courses and sign-up now.

Continuing students cannot use the online form to register, but instead need to email the named contact for the module(s) of interest. This information is available in the LI (Year 2) (PDF - 1.07MB) and LH (Year 3) (PDF - 733KB) MOMD handbooks.

About MOMDs

What is a Module Outside the Main Discipline (MOMD)?
Find out about Modules Outside the Main Discipline and how they affect your studies. 

Register for an MOMD
Find out how to register for your Module Outside the Main Discipline. 

What happens if an MOMD is oversubscribed?
Find out what happens if an MOMD is oversubscribed for the year.

Continuing students
Information for continuing students taking an MOMD 

MOMD welcome badge

Register now

Online registration has now closed - if you have missed the deadline, please contact

Explore your options

LC (Year 1) MOMDs 2014/15 (PDF - 1.30MB)

LI (Year 2) MOMDs 2014/15 (PDF - 1.07MB)

LH (Year 3) MOMDs 2014/15 (PDF - 733KB)

MOMD Event

Great Hall, Aston Webb Building - 10:30 until 15:30 on Thursday 25 September. First year students invited to come along and speak with representatives of this year's modules.

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