Degree Apprenticeships

The below forms and guidance are to be used in the process of creating new Degree Apprenticeship programmes.

All new Degree Apprenticeships (DAs) need to be approved by the University’s Degree Apprenticeship Steering Group before any programme paperwork is completed. This is achieved through the submission of an Approval in Principle form (see below), which is required for all new Degree Apprenticeship programmes, regardless of which process is used to create them. 

There are two routes for creating a new Degree Apprenticeship. The first is through an exceptional modification; this is to create a DA version of an existing programme. The DA does not need to be identical to the original programme being modified, but the name and content would be expected to be largely the same.

The second route is through a new programme proposal; in this case only the standalone New Programme Proposal form needs to be completed (as the questions in Part A, the Plan to Develop a New Programme, are covered by the Approval in Principle form).

Guidance and Forms

The Role of the Degree Apprenticeship Steering Group and Approval

The University’s Degree Apprenticeship Steering Group is responsible for managing the portfolio of Degree Apprenticeships, ensuring proposals for new DAs fit with the University’s DA strategy.

  1. Before completing a new programme proposal form or programme modification form, an Approval in Principle form (AiP) needs to be completed. The AiP form must specify which process is being used to create the DA, either the exceptional programme modification or the new programme proposal process. 
  2. The AiP is submitted to the Steering Group, having been signed off by the Head of School and College Director of Education, in agreement with the Head of College.
  3. Assuming the AiP is approved by Steering Group, the full programme paperwork can then be developed and the programme can be promoted to employers. This paperwork will either be the new programme proposal (the standalone new programme proposal) or an exceptional programme modification.
  4. The standard approval route for new programme proposals or exceptional modifications is then followed: the relevant forms and programme specification for the DA need to be submitted to the School Education Committee (or equivalent), College Quality Assurance and Approval Committee (CQAAC), and then College Board (for all new programme proposals and for exceptional modifications only if College Board scrutiny is deemed to be necessary).
  5. The paperwork will then be re-submitted to the Degree Apprenticeship Steering Group (rather than UQAC) for final approval.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out more about Degree Apprenticeships?

More information about DAs is available on this page, including information about Apprenticeship Standards and the Apprenticeship Levy.  




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