Programme and modules handbook help

General information and help if experiencing problems with the programmes and modules handbook.

Daily Downtime - 20.30-23.00

You will be unable to use the programme and modules handbook and the module search facility between 20.30-23.00 GMT daily due to essential routine database maintenance.

General errors

The programmes and modules database can be subject to technical problems which produce intermittent errors such as the following:

  • The page you requested has errors, the team responsible have been notified' -
    Shutdown the browser and re-try entering the handbook page.
  • There are no modules associated with this programme -
    Click back to the Schools menu in the handbook and try again. If this does not work, exit the module handbook altogether then open it up again and re-try.

No results returned

If using the search facility in the programme and module handbook does not return a result, this may be for a number of reasons. Here are some quirks and possible error messages to look out for and tips to get the most out of this resource:

School or Department page not displaying programmes 

This error may also manifest by returning programmes at the wrong level, i.e at Postgraduate instead of Undergraduate level or vice versa

It is important that first of all the Level tick box (indicating Postgraduate or Undergraduate) programmes on the main page is checked, the page will then refresh giving the available list of Schools. Clicking on a School will highlight it and show the list of available programme and years. To start another search, click back to the main page and check the relevant boxes.

Module search using a Banner code
returning no module description

Ensure that you enter only the last five digits of the module code in the search box on the module search page, for example 23456 if the full Banner code is 01 23456. The first two digits are the subject area indicator but it is the last five digits that are the unique part of the code.

Module codes in programme requirements not linked to module descriptions

Where the module descriptions have not been submitted by a School and do not appear on Banner, the Module Search facility will recognise the numerical code but will not return any information.

Title not appearing in full or not easily recognisable

Where a search does not return a full title, this may be because of (or result in) the following:

  1. the module code will be recognised, but there will be no module description and student may not be able to register on it
  2. the module description page will default to the short title for that module which will which usually also indicate the level at which it is being taught, i.e LC,LH,LM etc

The Semester/Term for the module is not specified

There are only 3 Terms used to indicate when a module will be run, these are: Full Term, Semester 1 and Semester 2. Where a semester is not indicated against a module, it is assumed that students will be able to register on it at any time of the year and thus, will be be classified as Full Term.
The codes used in Banner to define the semester defaults are as follows:
1 = Full Term
5 = Semester 1
6 = Semester 2

You cannot see the programme that you are looking for

The programme may no longer be active or inactive in the year in which the search is being made. Select another year and search again, if there is still no return contact the School to check the status of the programme as it may have been withdrawn completely. If the structure of a programme means that programme requirements are not held, as for example, in the case of PhDs, it will not be searchable in the handbook.

Still experiencing problems?

If you are unable to access the programme and modules handbook and the module search facility outside the specified downtime, please email giving the exact time the attempt was made and quoting the error message received. Your query will be followed up as quickly as possible.


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