New Certificate and Enhanced Transcript

Following 2014 degree congregations, the University received feedback from a variety of sources that our students would welcome a more attractive degree certificate at graduation, which incorporated additional security features to prevent fabrication.  The University has consulted with a major supplier of secure documents and all students graduating from July 2016 will receive a new style, secure University of Birmingham degree certificate (sample).  At the same time, the University has been developing an Enhanced Transcript (sample), which students will receive at graduation together with their certificate, that will include not only details of academic achievement (module marks), but also a range of extracurricular activities undertaken whilst at University.  An implementation group with student representation reviewed the range of such activities that could be included on the Enhanced Transcript and agreed the following:


  • Financial Awards and Prizes
  • Non-credit bearing modules
  • Personal Skills Award - PSA (Activity, Foundation and Advanced)
  • UoB Sporting achievement
  • Volunteering
  • Careers Network placements
  • Other activities, e.g. CLAD student-led projects


Student participation in these activities will be verified by the relevant sections of the University Professional Services or the Guild, confirmed on the University's central records system and it will appear on the transcript, unless a student has specifically requested for it to be omitted.  All such activities undertaken from the 2015/16 academic year onwards have the potential to be included on the document.  The Enhanced Transcript is intended to be a living document, updated through students' years of study.  The list of activities currently included within the document will be subject to annual review by the implementation group, so there is the potential to include additional types of verifiable activities in the future, should they be deemed appropriate. 


If you would like to suggest an additional activity for consideration for inclusion on the enhanced trancript, please contact your School office.


For further information about enhanced transcripts, please click here.