Recycling Scheme

The Recycling bike scheme is part of the pastoral care we provide to students and staff at the Chaplaincy. We are given bikes that have been forgotten and neglected around campus and hand them out to anyone who needs them. To be fair – and to paraphrase John Wesley – we are aiming to give the bikes not just those who need them, but to those that need them most. Our email address is

How the scheme works

Bikes that have been abandoned on campus for three months or more are collected by Security and Estates and given to the Chaplaincy. We mend them and make them available to anybody who needs them.

If you (or any student or member of staff) needs a bike, all you need to do is contact the Chaplaincy and let us know. If we have something suitable, it is given to you as a gift from the Chaplaincy – they are given free of charge and in working order, but the Chaplaincy cannot take any responsibility for maintenance or safety once a bike has been handed over.

Anyone is eligible, but as stated in the introduction we are really hoping to provide bikes to those in greatest need. To date that has meant financial difficulties, people whose bikes have been stolen, sudden changes in circumstances and, in one case, so someone could go on a date. So if you think you need a bike, please just ask.

Bicycles currently available

Please contact us if you need a bicycle.


The scheme is much bigger than expected, so we are looking for volunteers to help find and tag neglected bikes. Also, anyone who would be willing to go on a training course and offer to help with repairs would be greatly appreciated. If this sounds like you, please let us know.

Cycling at the University

The University keenly encourages sustainable travel. There are a number of sources of bikes and schemes to get you moving in an ecological way on and around campus.

Some of the Re-Cycling bikes...

Black Bike

Yellow Bike

Blue Bike

Black Bike 2