Qchat - confidential chat space for gender and sexuality issues

Qchat is a confidential, anonymous space for registered students to discuss issues of sexual orientation and gender. Qchat was originally set up by staff from the university counselling service, but is now run by students for students. The counselling service funds Qchat and provides oversight of the service, but the moderators are all fellow students at the university.

Login to Qchat

Qchat is open during term time only at the following times:

  • Mondays – 21.30 - Midnight
  • Wednesdays – 21.30 - Midnight
  • Sundays – 21.30 - Midnight

Last log-in time for chat and discussion will be 15 minutes before close.

What can I talk about?

  • "I think that I might be gay but I'm not sure"
  • "I don't like the scene. Where can I meet other people like me?"
  • "How can I come out to my flatmates?"
  • "I feel I am trapped in the wrong body"
  • "My parents would freak out if they knew I was having a same sex relationship, but I don't like lying to them"
  • "I don't have a problem with my sexuality, but I'd like some support with other issues that are bothering me"

Is it safe and confidential?

Qchat is a confidential, anonymous space for registered students to discuss issues of sexual orientation and gender.

Qchat is moderated by students of the University of Birmingham. We are not offering a counselling service – instead, our aim is to provide a safe space for discussion and mutual support. We do not allow users of Qchat to exchange personal information (telephone numbers, email addresses etc; ) online in order to preserve confidentiality.

Emergency and crisis support

Qchat is not counselling or crisis support. If you need emergency help please contact the Samaritans, your GP, or the local A&E department.

Terms and conditions

Use of this chat room implies your agreement with the terms and conditions. Please read them before proceeding. 

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"The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself."

Rita Mae Brown

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