Information for staff about the student counselling and wellbeing services

Referring students to us (If you have concerns about a student)

In situations where a student’s behaviour or wellbeing causes concern, it is important to make them aware of the support available, encouraging them to seek support. If you have serious concerns about a student, or believe that they need help in accessing our service, you can email or telephone 0121 414 5130 and ask to speak to the Student Wellbeing Officer for further guidance.

We also have drop-in for students available. For more information visit our Wellbeing drop-in intranet page.

Extenuating circumstances

Before sending a student to us to request a letter in support of extenuating circumstances, you should be aware that we only provide such support if we are already working with the student. Usually, in order for anything we write to be of use to the students department, we would need to see them for two to four sessions. Please do NOT refer students to us during the exam period with the specific aim of obtaining confirmation that they have ‘been seen’: we can only provide evidence for students with whom we have established a professional, working relationship.

We are, of course, able to offer support to any student who is experiencing difficulties.

Training for staff

Professional staff within Counselling and Wellbeing teams contribute to staff training within the Staff Development Unit.