Eating Issues

What is the Eating Issues Group?

This group is for students who are having difficulties with their eating. Students have an opportunity to talk together and think about their experiences and issues connected with their eating behaviours. The group works together to provide support so that students can consider making changes. It is a confidential space, led by two counsellors, Sue and Dorothy. The group is for around 10 students, all of whom have eating patterns which involve restricting, or binge-vomiting, food.  For more detailed information, please see the following leaflet and FAQs.

What can I expect?

An opportunity to

  • Listen, talk, give and receive support about what it’s like for you to experience your eating difficulty
  • Decide what you want to gain from the group
  • Disclose, when you feel ready
  • Learn and discover things about yourself, even though this might be uncomfortable at times
  • Get involved rather than observe
  • Talk in pairs and small groups, do therapeutic activities such as drawing, moving about the room!
  • Realise you have a lot to offer
  • Talk about things that are difficult and important

How do I book a place?

Unfortunately this group will not be running during the spring term of the 2017/18 academic year. Please check back throughout the year for details of future courses.