Not On Campaign (Student Experience Projects Team)


Not On is a joint campaign launched by the University, in partnership with the Guild of Students, to raise awareness of sexual harassment issues amongst the University community. This is in response to recent NUS research into ‘lad culture’ and the sexual harassment students may experience whilst at university. The campaign was initiated by the Vice-Chancellor, University Executive Board (UEB) and the Guild of Students, and project managed by the Student Experience Projects Team (SEPT). 

Summary of initiative

The campaign was developed to inform students about what constitutes sexual harassment and to communicate that sexual harassment will not be tolerated at the University.

The aim of the campaign is to enable students to have the knowledge and the confidence to report and take action against all forms of sexual harassment.

The project included several aspects:

  • University and Guild webpages providing information about the campaign and the support available to students and staff who experience sexual harassment
  • Design of a campaign logo and brand
  • A joint campaign statement from the University and the Guild
  • A campaign video featuring a number of influential senior staff members from the University, high profile students, and Pam Relph MBE, a gold medal-winning Paralympian and Birmingham alumna
  • An online pledge that students and staff can sign to show their support for the campaign
  • Scoping and implementation of a marketing and publicity plan, including email communications to staff and students
  • A full social media campaign
  • A launch event held at the Guild of Students on Monday 26 January 2015
  • Production of Not On branded pin badges to promote the campaign

The campaign started in December 2014 with University and Guild webpages. Not On was launched in full on Monday 26 January 2015.

Who was involved?

  • SEPT (project management)
  • Guild of Students
  • Student Services
  • Creative Media
  • Marketing & Communications

What was the impact?

There has been significant interest in the campaign following the launch, as demonstrated by the following information and statistics:
  • The campaign received local press coverage in Redbrick, the Tab, Birmingham Mail and Birmingham Post.
  • The all-student email about the campaign has been viewed 14,574 times (49.18% of total contacts)
  • The Not On campaign video has been viewed 558 times on You Tube
  • The Guild and University webpages have had 1667 unique page views in total
  • 405 people have signed the pledge
(Correct as of Friday 21 February 2015)

With further promotion, it is hoped that more people will visit the webpages, watch the video and sign the pledge. The campaign will continue to be promoted via staggered messages on social media and a series of events run by the Guild, in order to ignite interest and maximise impact for the student body.

Lessons learned

The first version of the Joint Statement was not fully mapped against existing internal policies such as the University Harassment and Bullying Policy. Once this was flagged, an exercise was undertaken to revise the Statement to make sure that the terminology, wording and general tone of the Statement reflects those relevant key values that we as a University have already agreed as part of our Harassment and Bullying Policy. As a result of the additional work, the Statement could not be released in December 2014 as originally planned. This highlighted the importance of comprehensively reviewing any relevant existing internal policies prior to composing new formal statements.

The project has been a successful exercise in collaborative working. Both the Guild and multiple teams from the University were involved in shaping the campaign from an early stage and each aspect of the project drew on the expertise of a number of individuals. The collaborative approach has had a very positive influence on the overall success of the campaign.

Feedback examples

Students and staff have been very positive and enthusiastic about the campaign:

“I think it’s great that sexual harassment is being addressed.”

“Great video. Gets the message across loud and clear.”

“Strikes exactly the right tone.”

Learn more

You can visit the following websites for more information on this initiative:

Alternatively, please contact Tara Wittin to find out more.