PGR International Student Barometer analysis (University Graduate School)


The University Graduate School (UGS) wanted to analyse feedback from the international PGR community to evaluate their satisfaction with their experience at Birmingham and identify any areas where we could improve our support for them.

Summary of initiative

The International Student Barometer is a survey sent to international students (UG, PGT and PGR) on an annual basis and asks a series of questions about overall impression and aspects such as arrival at Birmingham and satisfaction with learning, living and support arrangements. The responses are summarised in a percentage figure of satisfaction with each element and this was compared across a number of years to assess trends and areas where we are underperforming.

Who was involved?

  • Katharine D’Souza (University Graduate School Data Officer)
  • Gemma Simmons (Marketing and Communications)

What was the impact?

The survey results show that overall satisfaction is high at 90% for the 2013/14 academic year and that 85% of respondents would recommend the University of Birmingham to a friend. For the PGR respondents however, the lowest satisfaction was with ability to make friends from this country at only 68%.

While only 49% of the respondents had used UGS services, their satisfaction with our support was 95%.

The only cost of this project was in staff time.

Lessons learned

This data shows that the UGS may have some work to do in raising awareness of our services with international PGRs. International PGRs are reporting disappointment with their ability to meet other students from this country so we may also need to focus on providing events or encouraging collaborations which will enable this.

Feedback examples

90% of international PGR respondents to this survey are satisfied with their overall learning experience at the University of Birmingham.

Learn more

Colleagues who are interested in finding out more about the International Student Barometer should contact Katharine D'Souza.