The Michael K. O'Rourke Best Publication Awards

The Michael K. O'Rourke Best Publication Award is a prestigious award that recognises outstanding achievement in the publication of a postgraduate researcher’s research.

The winners for the 2019 Michael K. O'Rourke Best Publication Award have now been announced. 

The five winners will each will receive a prize of £400. 

Congratulations to the 2019 Award winners:

  • College of Arts and Law - Federico Bongiorno - Is the Capgras delusion an endorsement of experience? 
  • College of Social Sciences - Fei Wu - Sectoral contributions to systemic risk in the Chinese stock market
  • College of Engineering and Physical Sciences - James Whitley - Vertices for Iwahori-Hecke alebras and the Dipper-Du conjecture 
  • College of Life and Environmental Sciences - Andy Sanderson - Variation in the spatial distribution of erector spinae activity during a lumbar endurance task in people with low back pain
  • College of Medical and Dental Sciences - Emma Dutton - Peripheral lymph nodes contain migratory and resident innate lymphoid cell populations

 Guidance Notes

  • The Postgraduate Researcher must be the major contributor (first or only author) to the publication.
  • Only Postgraduate Researchers who submitted their paper before their final examination are eligible for nomination.
  • The publication may have been through a process of peer review, but if not, there will be a clear indication of the impact of the publication, for example on an International Organisation’s or Government’s policy*.  Impact factors of journals may be taken into account, but peer assessment of the impact value of a publication may be equally important.  A supporting statement by the supervisor will be required to guide the decisions of the judging panels.
  • The date of publication (full publication, ‘in press’ or DoI) must be before the Postgraduate Researcher’s final examination.


*Please note that published software and software routines will be considered.

 What happens next?

Submissions for the Michael K. O'Rourke Best Publication Award have now closed. Applications for this Award will now re-open in the next Academic Year 2019/2020. 

 If you have any questions about the process, please email