Images of Research 2017/18

Images of Research competition 2017/18

Can you capture your entire research project in a single image? The University Graduate School presents this challenge to our postgraduate researchers every year and the images we receive represent the exciting research projects our postgraduate researchers are working on at the University of Birmingham.

Why should I enter?

The entries for the Images of Research are displayed on campus as part of the University's Arts and Science Festival as well as in other venues. This is a unique opportunity to raise your research profile and engage a public audience.

Entries to the Images of Research exhibition can be in any number of different forms - it might be a depiction of data taken directly from your work, it might be a photograph that is representative of your project or it might be artwork of your own creation. At the bottom of this page you will find links to the previous Images of Research competition entries that may give you some inspiration.

As well as being exhibited on campus, the images then tour locations around the city in digital and physical forms. In previous years they have gone on to be exhibited in Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, the Library of Birmingham, our own Main Library, the University Graduate School Awards event and in Think Corner - the University's pop-up research shop. Some have also occasionally gone on to be published in magazines including National Geographic and Slovenian Bird Life.

How to apply

To apply, you must be a postgraduate researcher currently registered at the University of Birmingham. 

You must be the sole and exclusive owner of your submitted image, and you must have written permission from any identifiable persons (or their legal guardians) contained within the image.

 Technical specifications

In order to ensure that our images are all of a comparable technical standards please note the following requirements:

  • Image files should be between 1MB and 10MB. Please note that files under 1MB may be of insufficient quality to produce as an A2 image.
  • As the images will be displayed on A2 (420mm by 594mm) boards, submitted images should be approximately in the ASO paper size ratio.
  • Images can be submitted in the following file formats:  JPEG (JPG, JPEG, JPE), Camera Raw (TIF, CRW, NEF, RAF, ORF), TIFF (TIF, TIFF), Photoshop (PSD, PDD), BMP (BMP, RLE, DIB), CompuServe GIF (GIF), Photo Project Format (PSE), Photoshop EPS (EPS), EPS TIFF preview (EPS), Filmstrip (FLM), Generic EPS (AI3, AI4, AI6, AI6, AI7, AI8), PCX (PCX), Photoshop PDF (PDF, PDP), Photoshop Raw (RAW), PICT (PICT, PCT), PNG (PNG), Pixar (PXR), Scitex CT (SCT), Targa (TGA, VDA, ICB, VST), Wireless Bitmap (WBM, WMBP)

The University Graduate School may reject entries that do not meet these specifications.

You must complete and submit the following application form with your image:


High resolution images should be submitted separately to 


Three prizes will be awarded to the images that receive the most votes:

  • The overall winner. The prize is a £100 Amazon voucher.
  • Second place. The prize is a £75 Amazon voucher.
  • Third place. The prize is a £50 Amazon voucher.


Images that are accepted into the exhibition are printed on Foamex boards and are exhibited at the University of Birmingham. They are also used for other public engagement displays in which the University Graduate School is involved. This year the following Images of Research exhibitions will take place on campus:



Previous exhibitions

Entries to previous the Images of Research in previous years can be found here:

Giovanni Occhiali's image from the 2013 Images of Research Exhibition Images of Research 2013 - Grace GarnerFran Handrick's image from the 2013 Images of ResearchKiseong Jeong's image form the 2013 Images of research

Emma Login's image from the 2012 Images of Research

Camile Duval's entry in the 2013 Images of Research

Naomi Green's image for the 2013 Images of Research

Portrait of The Female Art Teacher A Digital Sampler (2014) by Hannah Hames

Landscapes of Death by Deyala Altarawneh

Death and Distress by Elaine Williams

Observing 'til dawn by Maggie Lieu

The Anatomy of a Scientific Gossip by Antonio Lima