Think Graduate School Fridays

Think Graduate School (TGS) Fridays are informal talks and discussions on prominent topics to postgraduate researchers at the University of Birmingham. They are delivered by the people that know best: postgraduate researchers (and where appropriate, academics). They happen every other Friday and refreshments are provided.  TGS Fridays are a great way to meet new people in an informal and friendly setting, and learn from other postgraduate researchers at the University of Birmingham.

TGS Fridays wants you

TGS Fridays are talks for postgraduate researchers, by postgraduate researchers. That means that if you are a doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham and you have an idea for a talk that your peers from across disciplines would be interested in, you can deliver a TGS talk.

We can also accommodate more than one speaker for many of our talks, so if there is a subject in our forthcoming events that you feel you can to contribute to, please get in touch to offer your services.

Contact if you are interested in proposing a talk, or contributing to a forthcoming talk.

Forthcoming TGS Fridays events

We have the following confrimed talks planned:

Think Graduate School Fridays - Planning your own academic conference

Friday 3rd July 2015 (17:30-18:30)
Muirhead 112
​To wrap up the series of Think Graduate School (TGS) Fridays for the 2014-15 academic year, we will be running a session that is focused on networking. Unlike our usual sessions, there will be no talk about postgraduate research, just a brief introduction from Jim Bell, the University Graduate School events and marketing officer, followed by structured and then unstructured networking opportunities. Bring an open mind and you will meet new researchers, both from research areas close to your own and those further afield.
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Follow live on Twitter

These sessions will be live tweeted so if you can’t make it, follow the discussion on the University Graduate School Twitter feed using #tgsfridays. We can also ask questions on your behalf live during the session and reply to you via Twitter. 

Previous TGS Fridays events

TGS Fridays has been running since the 2012/13 academic year. If you would like details of past TGS Fridays talks, including slides from previous talks, please email


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