Westmere Goes Live – PGR Music Event

Westmere House (G15 on the Campus map)
Arts and Law, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Life and Environmental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, Social Sciences
Saturday 22nd February 2020 (19:00-22:00)
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We live in a society which values the production of commodities, services and knowledge over creativity and art. For this reason, lots of us put aside our creative passions in pursuit of further study and employability. Westmere Goes Live is a small attempt to mitigate this and build a collection of postgraduate students interested in both performing and organising music and arts related events. This first event will be a night of free live music with a number of bands from within the PG community and the wider Birmingham music scene performing.

Drinks and food will be provided! This event is open to ONLY the postgraduate researchers at the University of Birmingham.

If you would like to preform or get involved in any way, please contact Matty McKenna (MGM922@student.bham.ac.uk). Matty is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Birmingham.

This event is part of our PGR-led engagement activities. If you are a current postgraduate researcher at the University of Birmingham and you are interested in organising an engagement or development activity, please get in touch with Dr. Eren Bilgen (f.erenbilgen@bham.ac.uk).


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