New postgraduate researchers

There's so much to see and do when you begin your postgraduate research studies with us here at the University of Birmingham so we've put together some tips and essential information which will give you the best possible start to your programme. This information is for all postgraduate researchers and specific programme information will be sent to you by your School and College.

Welcome and induction activities

The University Graduate School (UGS) run monthly induction activities to welcome postgraduate researchers joining the University at different times of the year. These induction activities will give you an opportunity to meet other postgraduate researchers (new and current), key PGR support staff, as well as find out about the resources available to you within the University.

The monthly inductions will be taking place on the following dates and you only need to register and attend one session:


30 November 2016 (10.30am-2pm)

25 January 2017 (10.30am-2pm)

22 February 2017 (10.30am-2pm)

29 March 2017 (10.30am-2pm)

26 April 2017 (10.30am-2pm)

31 May 2017 (10.30am-2pm)

28 June 2017 (10.30am-2pm)

26 July 2017 (10.30am-2pm)


Let’s Get Started is a workshop for new postgraduate researchers. It looks at the skills that you need to be a successful researcher, as well as introducing the support services here at the University.

The University Graduate School also run events for postgraduate researchers throughout the year. They are a great opportunity to meet other postgraduate researchers and find out about the wider researcher community.

Useful information

What are the first things you should do when starting out as a postgraduate researcher?


If your arrival date has prevented you from attending induction events or talks you can still catch up on the presentations or find links to online resources.

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