Uploading and sending comments for your DNA form

What is the DNA?

The (DNA) form uses Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework (RDF) to help you think about your current skills, pinpoint gaps in your knowledge, and identify areas for future development. The RDF articulates the knowledge, behaviours and attitudes of researchers, from postgraduates to establish academic leaders and is endorsed by Research Councils UK. 


Uploading and sending comments for your DNA form
This demonstration will show you how to use the PGR Management system in my.bham to upload a Development Needs analysis (DNA) form and send comments to your supervisor

Text instructions

  • In the my.bham portal, select the ‘my.progress’ tab.
  • In the PGR Management channel, click ‘Upload Training Needs Analysis document’. The PG04 Training Needs Analysis (Student Upload) page will be displayed.
  • Within the ‘Upload TNA’ section of the PG04 page, click the ‘Browse ‘ button and select the document that you wish to upload, then click ‘Open’.
  • If you want to send comments to your supervisor(s) along with the document you can do so by typing them in to the ‘Comments (optional)’ box within the ‘Upload TNA’ section of the PG04 page.  These comments will then be included in the body of the email that your supervisor(s) will receive.
  • Click the ‘Send form and Comments’ button at the bottom of the ‘Upload TNA’ section of the PG04 page. An information message will be displayed at the top of the screen to confirm that the document has been uploaded.