Administrative support

Completing your postgraduate research

In order to ensure that your research is completed by your submission deadline, the University has administrative procedures in place to help you complete on time and manage any unexpected obstacles along the way. Follow the links below to find out more information on specific subjects:

  • Progress reviews - find out about why the University reviews postgraduate researchers' progress and how you can help yourself develop as a researcher.
  • Submitting your thesis - information about how to submit your thesis for examination, what forms to include and where to submit it.

Leaves of absence and extensions

leave of absence is an authorised break in your studies for 1 to 12 months. There are a variety of reasons that you might want to take this kind of break, and doing so has important implications for your research.

An extension is only granted in exceptional circumstances as it has implications for you and the University. It is an extension of time beyond the maximum submission deadline for your thesis, and must be applied for 2 months before your deadline. 


Changing or withdrawing

If you are considering transferring to another programme at the University, or withdrawing from your research programme entirely, the following information will be of use:

  • Programme transfers - information on how to apply to transfer your programme of study.
  • Withdrawals - information to guide you through withdrawing from your programme of study.