External links

These links will take you to organisations outside of the University:

  • Vitae Researchers Portal - Vitae is a national organisation set up to provide support for training for all postgraduate researchers. 
  • Research Councils UK - RCUK is the overall body which co-ordinates information about all the Research Councils. From this site you can access the addresses of all the different Research Councils.
  • British Council Network UK - British Council Network UK is there to help you make the transition to take up a research post in the UK smoothly.
  • Find NHS Services - search site provides a search facility to find NHS services such as dentists, opticians and hospitals in your area. 
  • British Federation of Women Graduates - BFWG provides graduate women living in England, Scotland and Wales with information, support and friendship, at local, regional, national and international levels. 
  • Black British Academics - BBA aims to ensure that staff and students of colour enjoy equal opportunities and rewards witin academia.


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