Jargon buster

Below you will find a jargon busting list to help all researchers at UoB, no matter how long you've been here! If you have any ideas/suggestions for the list please send them to graduateschool@contacts.bham.ac.uk 

3MT: Three Minute Thesis competition. 

CAL: College of Arts and Law

COSS: College of Social Sciences. 

DNA: Development Needs Analysisis a form which helps you to deduce which skills you need to develop, how urgent it is, what if any action you plan to take and when you plan to do this.

Early Submission: In normal circumstances you are expected to submit your research thesis after the completion of your minimum period of study and before your maximum period of study. Find out about the min and max periods of study. However, under exceptional circumstances, and with the approval of the Research Progress and Awards Sub Panel, doctoral researchers may be permitted to submit their thesis before completing their minimum period of study.

EPS: College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Extension: It is expected that you will submit your thesis within your maximum period of study or by the deadline for submitting your revised or corrected thesis. You can, however, in exceptional circumstances apply for an extension to these deadlines.

GRS1: Development needs analysis and personal development plan. 

GRS2: Monthly supervision record. 

GRS3: Progress review. 

GRB: Graduate Research Board. 

HESA: The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA)is the central data collection and provision agency for UK higher education.

Higher doctorates: Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Letters, Doctor of Music, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Laws, Doctor of Social Sciences.

LES: College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

LOA: Leaves of absence.

MDS: College of Medical & Dental Sciences.

Min Reg: Minimum period of registration. 

Max Reg: Maximum period of registration. 

PGRwT: Postgraduate research programme with taught elements: MRes, PhD with integrated study.

PGCARMS: Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Research Methods and Skills, a PGCert qualification consisting of various research skills modules that is coordinated by the University Graduate School.

PGMSA: The Postgraduate and Mature Students Association, a voluntary student led group that represents all postgraduates and mature students at the University. 

PhD by published work/publication: Collection of published work resulting in PhD.

PRES: Postgraduate Research Experience Survey is a nationwide survey that captures the experience and views of postgraduate researchers.

PGR: A postgraduate researcherwhich covers: PhD, MMus, MRes, MLitt, EngD, DDS, MD, and professional doctorates. 

PGT: Postgraduate Taught which includes: MA, MSc, MEng and MBA.

Restricted access: When submitting your thesis, you will need to complete an Abstract and Access form indicating the level of access you prefer. See our notice of intention to submit page for more details and guidance on restricted access.

RDF: The Researcher Development Framework is a comprehensive approach to enhancing the careers of researchers. It was developed by and for researchers, in consultation with academic and non-academic employers.

RPC: The Research Poster Conference is an event held every June by the University Graduate School where PGRs communicate their research in poster form to judges and guests. It’s a great opportunity to develop skills, network and celebrate research here at UoB.

SRS: Student Reps System.

Split Location PhD: Postgraduate researchers who are carrying out research at the University of Birmingham receive supervision and support from the University. However, there are some postgraduate researchers for whom a more flexible arrangement may be more appropriate, whereby the majority of the registration period is spent either in the postgraduate researcher’s country of residence, or another country, with shorter periods at the University of Birmingham. 

Transfer of registration: Transfer from one programme to another, for example, MRes to MPhil.

UGS: University Graduate School. The UGS’s mission is to support and develop postgraduate researchers throughout their research life in order to produce innovative individuals with diverse skills to succeed globally in any career.

UKCGE: The UK Council for Graduate Educationis a charitable organisation established to champion the interests of graduate education.

UoB: The University of Birmingham.

Upgrade of registration: Transfer from a masters by research to a doctoral programme.

Vitae: Vitae is an external organisation dedicated to researcher development.

Viva: An oral examination (viva voce) which is compulsory for doctoral degrees. 

Westmere: Westmere is the postgraduate researcher hub (building G15 on campus map).


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