The Westmere Scholars

The University Graduate School is keen to encourage peer-led development and engagement activities and our Westmere scholars organise and deliver activities for our postgraduate researchers throughout the year. If you are a current postgraduate researcher and would like to get involved in our activities, please feel free to contact your Westmere scholar.

Beth Parkes (Westmere Scholar)

 Beth CAL

I am a first year ESRC-funded doctoral researcher in the College of Arts and Law. As a cultural historian of race, my PhD focusses on skin, beauty, and racism among diasporic communities in the Caribbean, United States and Britain from 1960-85. Having completed my undergraduate and master’s degree at Birmingham, I have experience engaging with wider university and wellbeing services, alongside organising conferences and charity events. I’m committed to ensuring that Westmere house continues to be an inclusive and exciting community of researchers. I have a keen interest in listening to and watching live music, and enjoy walking and hiking to explore new places and cultures. 


Tom Goodman (Westmere Scholar)

Tom Goodman

Hey! I'm a 2nd year PhD student over in the School of Computer Science. My work is in analysis of acoustic musical signals, so essentially piping music into a computer and trying to work stuff out about it. In my spare time I run events at the uni and in the local tech community like HackTheMidlands and have been involved with Guild societies for a number of years. I'm also a huge fan of games (both board and computer), pub quizzes, gin, baking, and apparently just generally distracting myself from research... I'm looking forward to seeing you all at our Westmere events this year - come and have a chat and take part!


Alice Jasper (Westmere Scholar)


Alice MDS

I am a second-year PhD student based in the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing. My research focusses on the effect of e-cigarettes on immune cells of the lungs. Uncertainties in the long term health implications of e-cigarettes make this a topical and exciting area of research. I started in Birmingham as an undergraduate in 2015, studying Biomedical Science, during which time I was heavily involved in the student rep system and course committee; I am looking forward to continuing this work with the PGR community and Westmere. In my spare time, I love dancing and have performed in a variety of shows and competitions including representing UoB at interuniversity competitions.


Sarah Chung (Westmere Scholar)

Sarah COSS

I am a second-year, part-time doctoral research student based in the School of Education.  My research is focused on primary school governor training in England but more specifically whether the content and mode of delivery is fit for purpose.  During my MA at the University of Birmingham, I was  Student Representative and Chair of the PGT Staff Student Committee.  Outside of my university life, I am a mother, Karate instructor, school governor and primary school teacher.

I am very much looking forward to working with the PGR community – I know from my own academic journey that communities can encourage, motivate, guide and support students during the highs and lows of academia and life in general.  I am excited to be able to continue to contribute to this community in my role as a Westmere Scholar.



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