Deferring your graduation

If you are unable to attend your Degree Congregation, but wish to attend a Degree Congregation in the following July/December, please choose to defer your Degree Congregation.

How do I confirm that I wish to defer my graduation?

To confirm that you wish to defer your graduation log onto, click on the myProgress tab then on the Degree Congregations link.  Select the ‘I wish to defer the conferring of my degree and attend the next round of Degree Congregations’ option.

When confirming this preference please ensure that your email address is correct and amend if necessary as we will use this email address to invite you to the next round of Degree Congregations. You have until 1 March 2018 to amend your address.

Please note that if you choose to defer your graduation you will not receive your certificate until the following July/December. If you require your certificate for employment purposes, and you cannot attend the Degree Congregation, you will have to choose to graduate in absentia.

What happens next?

You will receive no further communication from the University until you receive your invitation to the following July/December’s Degree Congregations. Please ensure you confirm your attendance at the following round of Degree Congregations – we will not do this automatically and failure to reply may lead to a further delay to your graduation.