What can non-ISAS staff advise on?

Immigration questions: handle with care

If you are working with international students, there may be times when you are asked questions relating to their immigration status in the UK.

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), which regulates immigration advice, prohibits unregulated individuals from providing immigration advice. If you try to answer a student's immigration query, you are placing yourself at risk of committing a criminal offence. You are also placing the University at risk.

ISAS advisers are OISC-certified and are able to advise students and staff members on a range of student visa and immigration issues.

Letters for visa applications

The only letter you can write is the scholarship letter, and for this you must use the University template.

You should not write any other letters, including invitation letters, or letters of support, as this may result in the student’s application being refused. A refused application has serious consequences for a student’s future immigration status in the UK and also affects the University.

How ISAS can help

Our web pages, written by immigration advisers, give an overview of immigration and work regulations. You can refer students to these pages with confidence.

If your student's enquiry is more detailed and is not answered by the website, one of our advisers will be happy to help. Students can contact ISAS directly, or, if you prefer, we can discuss the query with you and give you information to pass on.

Logo of the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)

Certified by OISC

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is responsible for regulating immigration advisers by ensuring they are fit and competent and act in the best interest of their clients. All ISAS advisers are certified by OISC.