Medical Students who have or are considering intercalating

Whether your intercalated degree is at the University of Birmingham or at another Tier 4 sponsor, as long as you have enough immigration permission to undertake the intercalation, you do not need to make a new Tier 4 application before you start the intercalation.

Students who intercalate with the same or a different sponsor are not required to make a fresh Tier 4 application in order to start the intercalated degree or to return to the original course.

The University of Birmingham will notify the Home Office about the change to your studies.

If you are intercalating at a different institution, that institution will be responsible for notifying the Home Office of any relevant changes during that period, until you return to Birmingham.

When you need to extend your stay to complete your studies, you can make this application in the UK.

You can choose to make this application before or after the intercalation.

Intercalating students satisfy academic progression requirements if they meet the following requirements.

 Applying to progress from:

i. a Bachelors to Masters level course as part of an integrated Masters course, or

ii. a Masters to PhD level course as part of an integrated Masters and PhD programme; or

iii. applying to pursue an intercalating year as part of medical, dental or veterinary science degree, or are returning to original course having completed an intercalated year.