We use two distinct styles of branding to promote Welcome activity. The formal Welcome branding from recent years is used to promote key activity such as ID card collection and the Welcome Addresses, and the Welcome Festival  branding has been to promote some of the more fun aspects of Welcome.

Branded slides and posters

Formal branding

Festival branding

If you have any queries regarding the use of the Welcome branding please contact us.

Using Welcome branding on your own resources

If you are looking to use either style of Welcome branding on your own items (such as leaflets, posters, lanyards, or other merchandise), please contact us so that we can ensure it is used correctly, and if appropriate, provide the high-quality designs.

Contact us

Welcome publications

Once successfully registered, students will be sent their ID card in a leaflet containing key information about Welcome.

The 2021/22 ID card leaflets are available to view for reference:

Other publications for students will be made available on the student Welcome pages.

Please note we no longer provide students with a Welcome pack or student diary. Students will receive Welcome branded emails following A Level results day through to September.

Plain English Guidelines

We have developed these guidelines to help staff write clearly and concisely. They are relevant for website content and other forms of communication. Plain English is particularly important for those who have difficulty reading English, such as international students.  



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