Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Student administration

What do new students need to do when they arrive?

We have prepared some checklists for new students to help them understand what they need to do when they arrive.

Where do students collect their ID card?

UK students who complete Online Registration before Monday 2 September will have their ID cards posted to their home address.

EU students (and UK students who complete Online Registration after Monday 2 September) can collect their ID cards from the Welcome Registration Hub from Saturday 21 September onwards.

International students who opt to collect their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from the University will be invited to make an appointment at the BRP Zone, where they will also complete thier Right to Study check and collect their ID card - tbc.

International students who already have their BRP, or who do not need one, can collect their ID cards when they visit the International Welcome Hub for their Right to Study check - tbc.

How does Online Registration work?

A student has a query about finances, where shall I send them?

During Arrivals Weekend, Student Fees will be available to speak to students in the Welcome Marquee. From Monday onwards, students will need to visit the Student Fees Enquiry Counter, which is signposted from Aston Webb reception.

A student needs to speak to Admissions, where shall I send them?

Students can visit Admissions in the Aston Webb building at their reception desk on the first floor of C Block (up the lareg staircase near the Aston Webb Student Hub). The desk will be open 10:00 - 16:00 on weekdays between Monday 2 September and Friday 4 October.

The desk will not be open during Arrivals Weekend. 

 Support for students

Where can students find help and support?

We have put together some information for staff on supporting students, as well as information aimed at students about where to find help.

Students can also find answers to a huge range of questions on Student Help.

How can students tell us about a disability?

The disability pages explains the process for students to tell us about any disabilities (including dyslexia and learning difficulties, long term illnesses and mental health conditions) and registering with our services.

Is there any support for students in accommodation?

The Student Mentor Scheme provides support for students living in University accommodation. During Welcome, they organise a range of activities and drop-in sessions for students, and they can help with information, support and guidance on lots of issues including wellbeing, accommodation, academic and financial queries.

What study support do we offer to students?

The Academic Skills Centre (based in the Main Library) offers a number of study support services, including 1 to 1 support, workshops and online resources.

Academic Skills Centre workshops during Welcome are included on the Welcome Timetable

Is there information for parents of new students?

Yes - we have developed a Parents section on the Welcome website, and families can also attend one of the Parents' Welcome Addresses over Arrivals Weekend, which provides an overview of what to expect and support services available to students.

Welcome events

Where do I find information about events?

All Welcome events are listed on the Welcome Timetable. You can find out about Guild of Students events on their website.

When are the VC's Welcome Addresses?

The VC's Welcome Addresses will take place on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 September 2019, with one address for each College. Students will need to book their place. Find out more about VC's Welcome Addresses.

What are the key dates for Welcome?

How can I book a room during Welcome?

Room bookings for Welcome are coordinated by the Timetabling team.

What freshers events are there for students?

The Guild of Students offer the only official freshers package for students, called Freshers Fest. Students can purchase the Freshers Fest packages from the Guild of Students.

New students will need to purchase a Freshers Fest package online and can collect the tickets from the Guild of Students over Arrivals Weekend.


Welcome communications

What Facebook groups are there for new students?

The University runs the Official University of Birmingham Offer Holders 2018 group, whilst the Guild of Students runs the University of Birmingham Official Freshers 2018/19 group. We advise students that these are the only official Facebook groups, and warn them to be wary of unofficial groups which may be run by club promoters and which can provide inaccurate or out-of-date information.

Where can students find information about Welcome?

Students can visit the Welcome website for lots of information about starting at the University.

What information is there for new distance learners?

Will students get a Welcome pack?

The University no longer sends out Welcome packs to new students.

Most UK students will receive their ID card in the post alongside a leaflet with Welcome information, however the main form of communication with new students is the pre-arrival emails which contain useful information and links to the Welcome website.

New undergraduate and foundation students will receive a student diary, which are distributed via arrangements with Schools and Colleges.


International students

Which students need to register with the police?

Some students with a visa will need to register with police within 7 days or arriving in the UK. It will say on their visa (either the vignette in the passport or on their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)). 

Where can students register with the police?

Students will need to make an appointment with the Overseas Vistor Registraton Office, based in Digbeth Police Station. 

Where do international students get their visa checked?

International students who have opted to collect their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from campus will have their Right to Study check at the BRP Zone. The BRP Zone operates an appointment system.

International students who already have their BRP, or who do not need one, will need to visit the International Welcome Hub for their Right to Study check and to collect their ID card. The International Welcome Hub runs daily throughout Welcome Week and is a drop-in venue.

EU students will complete any necessary checks when they collect their ID cards from the Welcome Registration Hub, which also operates on a drop-in basis throughout Welcome.

Following Welcome Week (Monday 30 September onwards), all Right to Study checks, ID card and BRP collection takes place in the Welcome Registration Hub.

Where can international students speak to ISAS during Arrivals Weekend?

ISAS will be available to provide general support and advice in the Welcome Marquee over Arrivals Weekend. If students need visa advice, they should contact ISAS via Student Help.


 Have we missed something? Please contact us with any questions you have about Welcome.



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