Welcome jargon buster

Whilst we try to make Welcome as simple as possible, there are inevitably some terms and acronyms which you may not be familiar with. We have listed some of the most common ones below:

Phrase or AcronymDefinition/Meaning
Accommodation Pass Online module that students are required to complete before moving into University-owned accommodation, delivered through the Accommodation Portal.
AS May refer to Academic Services; is also a code in Banner used to denote a new student who is expected to register.
 ASC The Academic Skills Centre, who provide a range of support for students, including a programme of study skills workshops during Welcome.
Arrivals Weekend The weekend before Welcome Week when the vast majority of students move into University-owned accommodation, and when Welcome activity begins on campus. For 2021 this is Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September.
AW May refer to the Aston Webb building, the Alan Walters building, or Arrivals Weekend.
AWSH Aston Webb Student Hub
BRP Biometric Residence Permit; a credit-card sized document issued by the Home Office to foreign nationals (and their partners/children, if applicable) to evidence their immigration permissions - see more information about BRPs.
CET Communications and Engagement Team; the team within Student Services responsible for communicating with current students and for Welcome communications to new students.
CN Careers Network.
ER May refer to External Relations; is also a code used in Banner to denote a returning student who is expected to re-register.
IST The International Student Team, formerlay the International Student Advisory Services (ISAS).
Living The University's accommodation service - see more information about Living.
MyUoB MyUoB is an app for students that gives them access to their timetable, email, news and updates, and other useful information.
NR A code used in banner to denote a student who has completed Online Registration, and is therefore 'normally registered'.
Online Registration The process by which students register with the University each academic year - see more information about Online Registration.
OR Online Registration - see more information about Online Registration.
Provisionally Registered Students who have met the terms of their offer, but have not yet completed Online Registration.
Returners' Week Sometimes used to refer to the week after Welcome Week. We tend not to use this anymore as Welcome is open to all students.
RTS Right to Study check; the University is required to confirm all students have the Right to Study in the UK. The process is now completed online, using My Right to Study.
SEPT Student Experience Projects Team; coordinates aspects of central Welcome activity.
SFH St Francis Hall, where the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy is based.
SIT Student Information Team, who coordinate ID card processing for Welcome and deliver student-facing support in the Aston Webb Student Hub.
StarRez The system which hosts the Accommodation Portal.
SSD Student Services division.
SWP Student Wellbeing & Partnerships, a team within Student Services.
WA Welcome Assistants; student staff employed to assist with activity during Welcome, usually wearing blue 'Can I help?' tshirts. 
Web Reg An older term for Online Registration
Welcome The period of time encompassing Arrivals Weekend, Welcome Week, Returners' Week and the second week of term.
Welcome Week The week before the start of term, during which the majority of induction and orientation activity takes place. For 2021 this begins on Monday 20 September.
WW Abbreviation of Welcome Week.


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