Supporting students

During Arrivals Weekend and Welcome Week we will be offering support for students in some different places across campus. Below, we have listed the types of queries students may have and where they can find help.


General queries

The Welcome Assistants, who will be wearing bright blue t-shirts, will be in the Welcome Marquee, in Chancellor's Court, and across campus. They will be answering general questions, including where to find places and services. 

Campus tours will be running from Monday 9 to Friday 24 September to support the extended arrivals period.

During this period, there will be information booths dotted across campus, staffed by Welcome Assistants.

Accommodation queries

University-owned accommodation

Student staff (pink t-shirts) and the Security team will be available for any student questions. The Guild's Student Mentors (purple jumpers) will be at the Vale Village to answer questions, help with any flatmate disputes and support students with any problems. Additionally, each student village has its own customer service team.

For more detailed queries students should contact Living. There is also some information on the moving in webpage.

Private and temporary accommodation

Community Living can provide information about private accommodation.

Online Registration, letters and statements, and ID Cards

Help with Online Registration will be available from the Registration Helpline by telephone or email enquiry. 

Find out more about how students can access key processes..

Disability and mental health

Students are encouraged to disclose any disabilities to us as early as possible, to ensure we can give you the best advice about the support available to them. Our disability pages explains how to do this. This includes dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties, and mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety or schizophrenia.

Fees and finance

The Student Fees Enquiry counter is located in Aston Webb - B Block (R5 - Edgbaston Campus).

Emails, usernames and passwords

A student's username and password will have been emailed to them when they are asked to complete Online Registration. They can change their password using the Password Manager.

Throughout the year, students can contact the IT Service Desk online or by phone, or visit them in person at the Main Library.

Feeling overwhelmed/lonely

The Wellbeing Marquee will be available on campus from Saturday 18 - Friday 24 September, and will provide a space for informal wellbeing support. There will be a range of scheduled and ad-hoc activities for students to take part in, supported by Welcome Assistants and wellbeing colleagues.

Students may benefit from going on a campus tour, which is a good way for them to get to know the campus and meet other students.

For students living in University accommodation, the Student Mentors can provide advice and guidance, including support with homesickness, personal difficulties, getting on with flatmates and general wellbeing. They run events, 1-to-1 mentoring support and drop-ins throughout the year. Students can contact them via email, telephone or by dropping in to their office at the Vale Hub.

There is also a wide range of information about our Student Support available on our Student Help pages, including information for students with learning support, disability or mental health needs.

Advice for family and friends of new students

The Parents' Welcome Addresses are open to family and friends of new students and are designed to give them an insight into life at the University and information about the range of services and support available to students. 

The Parents' Welcome webpages contain some useful information and tips for parents of University students. 

Under 18s

Student Help

The Student Help pages have a huge range of information about the different support available at the University. Students can use it to find answers to frequently asked questions and contact relevant teams.


Professional Services