Welcome Timetable

The Welcome Timetable has been designed to allow new students to easily build a personalised timetable for Arrivals Weekend and Welcome Week, showing them both their programme inductions, Departmental and School events, and the many other events that take place around the University. The system is a web-based app consisting of a student timetable view, and a staff administrative view. The site has been optimised for use on mobile devices.

Staff access to the timetable

Please contact the Welcome team to request access, providing your name, ADF username and email address.

Once you have access please follow the link to the Welcome timetable staff system.

You can also visit the student site and login via the 'Admin login' link on the login page.

Welcome Timetable Guide for Staff

We have developed a downloadable guide for staff who will be using the Welcome timetable. We strongly recommend all staff view the guide due to the changes made to the previous system.

Download the Welcome Timetable Guide for Staff (PDF - 838 KB)

We have also produced some top tips for creating good programme and non-programme events:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I login?

If you have not previously used the timetable, you will need to request access by emailing the Welcome team with your name, ADF staff username and email address.

If you have previously logged in, please check you are typing your details correctly. If you continue to be unable to login, please contact us.

The programme I want isn’t listed, what do I do?

Programme data comes from Contensis, however we can manually refresh this if data is out of date. Please contact us if needed.

The building I want isn’t listed, what do I do?

Please contact us and we can add a missing/temporary building or any specific location, e.g. a marquee, a location in the city centre. We can add locations on or off campus.

What events should I add?

You should add any events that you are responsible for organising, or that you are supporting the organiser. Please do not add 'central' events, such as the Welcome Marquee or the Sports Fair; these will be added by the relevant teams and may lead to duplication.

Should I add online events?

Yes, you should add events that are taking place online at a specified time. You will need to include a link to a booking system - use the 'booking details' field and it will link automatically.

There is an 'online' location listed.

Is my event a programme event or non-programme event?

Programme events are limited to students on selected programmes. This can include social events. Non-programme events are visible to all students.

There may be situations where it is unclear which form to choose, for example a College-wide social event.

You can either add it as a programme event and select all relevant programmes, or you can add it as a non-programme event and specify in the description who the event is for.

Should I combine several events into one?

There may be times where it is sensible to combine several events into one, rather than entering multiple events. Generally speaking, two or more activities should be combined if:

  1. There are no time gaps between activities, except where students are given lunch/refreshment breaks and are asked to return after a set time, as part of the activities.
  2. The activities involve the same set of students or students are split into groups as part of the activities.
  3. The activities are all compulsory, or all optional.
  4. The activities are all in the same location, or students move between locations as part of the activities.

The most common example of activities that should be grouped are half-day or full-day induction sessions, where students are expected to arrive at the start and stay for a set of activities that follow on from each other.

When grouping activities, it is useful to give a list of what will happen as part of the event description.

Can we include events by course/departmental societies?

Course/departmental society events can be added at the discretion of staff in the relevant Department, and will need to be added by a member of University staff on their behalf. Please consider the nature of the event when deciding if it is suitable for inclusion. We are not including events for other types of societies at this time.

How can I find an event which has already been created?

The events list defaults to showing you only those events you have created, however you can display all events in the system using the drop down box. You can sort the lists by event name, start date and creator.

The person who created the event is on leave/has left and I need to make changes, what do I do?

Currently any user can edit any event, however you can only delete your own events. If you need to delete an event created by someone else, please contact us.

How does the timetable work for students?

When students access the timetable, they will be asked to select their programme. The system will then create their timetable and automatically include any events associated with their programme.

Students can then browse optional events using the category filters (such as 'Sports and Societies' and 'Finding your feet') or the search function and add events which interest them to create their own personal Welcome Week timetable.

Students will also be able to save their timetable, so that they can access it again in future, or from another device. The timetable has been optimised for use on mobile devices, so that students can use and update their timetable on-the-go.

If your question is not answered above, please contact the Welcome team and we will be happy to help.


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