Disability Support Service video transcript

Title: Disability Support Service

Duration: 2:22

Disability adviser: Disability can mean different things to different people. It may include you even if you don't consider yourself to be disabled. If you have study support needs related to a disability, to include specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, mental health conditions, or other health conditions, we're here to help you.

Disability adviser, voiceover: With your consent, we can provide one-to-one specialist advice and skills tuition, assistance with your application for Disabled Students’ Allowance, loan of a wide range of equipment from our equipment loan pool, assistance from trained, skilled non-medical helpers such as note-takers, readers and mentors, and a Key Worker who will be your key point of access and contact, who will liaise on your behalf with departments across the University.

Disability Adviser: Thank you very much for coming along.

[Conversation between adviser and student goes on in the background]

Disability adviser, voiceover: This may include liaison with accommodation services to arrange a trial run in student halls, arranging for extra time in exams, working with timetabling to ensure teaching and learning environments are fully accessible to you, organising library assistance, and liaising with Schools and tutors to ensure that you are supported in the best possible way to suit your individual needs.

Disability adviser: Our aim is to support you in achieving the highest possible academic standards, whilst at the same time enabling you to participate in all areas of university life.

Student 1: It’s really useful to say as early as possible if you've got any disabilities, ‘cos then they can have all of your forms ready and everything can already be put in place before you get here, so the earlier you can tell them the better.

Student 2: Disability Services are really supportive, they recognised that I would have problems getting to university so they helped me overcome those problems, and they also realised that I'd have problems when I got into lectures, I'd be tired from getting into university and things like that. I'd tell another student in my situation that they should get in touch with the Disability Services as soon as possible, they were really supportive and I think I wouldn't have been able to get through my problems without them.

Student listening to music