Common Accommodation Questions

This page is designed to help you beat the queues and save yourself an appointment regarding your accommodation questions.

Where can I make a maintenance/repair request?

We have a team that is dedicated to supporting maintenance and repairs in your accommodation. To report a fault, you should email your reception as soon as possible.

I am finding it difficult to settle into my accommodation.

Moving into a new house is always a big change and as with all changes, we need time to adjust ourselves.

Your flat is made up of different people and it is normal to need to invest in building relationships with your flatmates to get the most out of your University experience. 

If you are having difficulties with your flatmates or want someone to talk to, the Student Mentors are here to help.

How do I make payments for my accommodation?

More information about where you can pay in full or set up an instalment plan to pay in monthly or termly instalments can be found on our dedicated web page.

The invoice for my accommodation fee is incorrect.

The invoice for accommodation shows the total cost of your accommodation and does not take into account any payments that have been made including the £550 advance payment.

If you believe there are any issues, please contact Student Fees

I need to self-isolate. What should I do?

If you have tested positive for Coronavirus you must complete the University's track and trace form.

If you need to self-isolate for any other reason and you are living in University owned accommodation, you must fill in the form on our accommodation portal.

Throughout your self-isolation we will support you as best as possible. A complimentary food parcel will be available to all self-catered students. If you are on the Meal Plan, additional food provisions will be on offer to you.

More information about support available for your self-isolation can be found on our information hub.

I'm unhappy in my accommodation. Who can I talk to?

If you’re not happy within your flat then please contact your site reception who will put in a request for a Customer Service Manager to get in touch with you, to discuss the options that may be available. If you cannot get through to your site reception, please get in touch with Living where we can also get in touch with the relevant Customer Service Manager on your behalf.

If you are struggling with a flat dispute or flat mate issue, please know you can always get in touch with the Student Mentor team on the below email address where you can have completely confidential conversations with them about the situation and they will advise you as best possible.

More Information

If you have any issues with your ID card (including if it has been lost or stolen)you should refer to the ID cards and access to facilities web page on the Student Help website.

For information relating to private sector accommodation including community advice and contract checks, please visit our dedicated website.

If you need information specific to international students, you should visit the International Student Team web pages.

If you need help or are having issues with the Meal Plan, you should first visit the help centre. If you would like to add Meal Plan to your accommodation, please email us.

How to get in touch

You can contact us at Living by e-mail or telephone Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm.

The Living hub is open for general enquiries Monday to Friday between 9am and 1pm.

We also are available for chat via our social media channels:

   Living on Instagram


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