Award Categories

There are nine awards up for grabs this year; please choose the one that's most relevant to your nominee. To give them the best chance of winning, please provide as much evidence as you can of your nominee's achievements, giving clear examples of where they've gone above and beyond in their role.

Director's Award

The Director of Campus Services Awards celebrates a person or team that consistently embodies the University's values, whilst supporting Campus Services to achieve its vision of 'enriching the lives of our students, staff and key stakeholders’. This individual or team will have made a significant contribution to the Division and demonstrated the ‘Team of Teams’ approach.

Please note that only members of the Senior Leadership Group (SLG) can nominate staff for this award.

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Providing Outstanding Student Experience Award

Do you know a person or team that never fails to deliver an outstanding experience for our students? This award celebrates their achievements and commitment to go the extra mile to support students, ensuring their time with us is great, from start to finish.

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Team of Teams Award

Recognition of an individual or team, who have actively sought collaborative working opportunities throughout Campus Services and the wider University to maximise the impact, on the University Community, of business as usual or a specific project. This individual or team will demonstrate a ‘Team of Teams’ approach to work.  

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Service Improvement Award

This award celebrates a team that continuously embodies the University's values to improve the service they provide. This team is ambitious, efficient, innovative, and full of people that want to do the best job they can.

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Best Customer Service Award

Everything we do is for the customer, whether they be a student, staff member or visitor. That's why this award recognises a person or team that goes above and beyond to provide fantastic customer service. They're someone who regularly engages with the wider University community and are committed to delivering unforgettable customer experiences.

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 Individual of the Year Award (2022 -23)

Do you know someone who lives and breathes the University's values? This award celebrates the significant contributions they've made to the lives of staff, students, and the wider University community. It also recognises the passion they have for their work, how they strive for excellence in everything they do, and their commitment to Campus Services.

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Most Innovative Initiative of the Year Award

Has there been a recent initiative that's made a real difference to Campus Services? This award celebrates innovation and the team or person behind a recent idea that's proved to be sustainable and successful, and made people's lives easier.

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Unsung Hero Award

Do you know someone who always goes out of their way to help others and make a positive difference to Campus Services? The Unsung Hero Award celebrates that special person whose contribution to the University is invaluable, but who's unaware of the impact they have. They're someone who is open, positive, supportive, and effective, but doesn't always get the recognition they deserve for their fantastic work.

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Most Environmentally Sustainable Initiative of the Year Award

Sustainability is incredibly important to the University. That's why this award celebrates a person or team that's committed to making a positive difference to our planet and safeguarding our future by embedding sustainable practices into everything they do.

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