The 2022 Campus Services Awards: A Recap

Wednesday 18 May saw the return of the Campus Services awards after a gap of two years, due to the pandemic. The awards recognise and reward the individual and collective efforts in Campus Services – recognising our colleagues who continually go the extra mile.

To enrich the lives of the University’s students, staff, and key stakeholders. These awards recognise those in the Service who exemplify this in their working practices – living the Professional Services values of being ambitious, innovative, open, collaborative, and responsible to provide quality experiences to our University community.

Each of the awards celebrates different aspects of these values, recognising not just individuals and teams, but colleagues who have worked together across teams too (in a particular nod to our ‘team of teams’ model of working).

Outstanding Student Experience

The Outstanding Student Experience award recognises an individual or team, who has gone over and above in their day to day roles in order to support students to excel in their learning and/or research.

The nominees for this award were:

  • Performance Centre Team (Sport)
  • Jared Alforque (Facility Services)
  • Vanessa Neale (Accommodation and Operations)

The winner was Vanessa Neal (Accommodation and Operations)

Awards photo Vanessa Neal

Vanessa's Nomination

“Vanessa has worked really hard this year and taken on a huge amount of responsibility for managing student accommodation at The Vale. She has shown a great commitment to ensuring standards remain high in spite of limited resources and making sure the student experience remains the very best. Vanessa always takes complaints very seriously, communicates well and treats all students respectfully. She has had some tough situations to deal with this year, such as student wellbeing, and has handled each issue very well. Vanessa’s team spirit and caring nature has ensured that the students are well looked after in their home from home at a very vulnerable time – their first time away from home.”

Collaborative Working Award

Our next award recognises an individual or team, who have actively sought collaborative working opportunities across Campus Services and the wider University to maximise the impact, on the University Community, of business-as-usual activity or a specific project.

The judging panel were particular looking for an individual or team to have demonstrated a ‘Team of Teams’ approach to their work, when determining this award. 

The nominees for the Collaborative Working Award were:

  • Alicia Burton (Accommodation and Operations)
  • Eden Whitehead (Facility Services)
  • The Exchange (Venues and Events)

The winner was The Exchange (Venues and Events)]

Photo of the Exchange team, with Nickie Dryden, Business Continuity and Resilience Manager, Security Services.


The Exchange's Nomination

“The Exchange team have created an ethos to become the defining team of teams at the University. They are made up of the Operations Team, an IT Team, and the Food and Beverage Team but all come together as one unified team. Between them, there is no task too large, no job too menial, nothing that can't be overcome. They will bend over backwards to help each other. With the Deputy Venue Manager pot-washing for catering when needed, or the IT team helping to meet and greet guests. They are one united team working together to provide the best venue and customer service they can.”

Team of the Year Award

Our third award tonight recognises a team who have continually embodied the Birmingham Professional Values to improve their service. A team who are ambitious to be the best they can be, using innovation and technology to support progress. A team where everyone feels empowered to be responsible for their actions and not afraid to make mistakes.

The nominees for the Team of the Year Award were:

  • Cleaning Team (Facility Services)
  • Thomas Cornfield and the Portering Team (Facility Services)
  • Accommodation and Living Team (Accommodation and Operations)

The winner was Cleaning Team (Facility Services)


The Cleaning Team's Nomination

“I would like to nominate the Cleaning services Team for all their efforts in maintaining a clean and safe environment during the pandemic, and for all the deep cleaning before staff and students were returned to campus. They should also be congratulated for continuing to maintain a safe environment for all staff and students so that everyone can continue to be on campus. The team also deep cleaned all student accommodation during the summer ready to welcome our new students and offer them a safe and clean place to settle into.”

Best Customer Service Award

The next award recognises achievements in customer service across Campus Services. Not all customers of Campus Services are students.  This award recognises an individual or team who engage with the wider University community, delivering exceptional customer service.

The nominees for the Best Customer Service Award were:

  • Wesley Powell (Security)
  • Fiona (The Exchange, Venues and Events)
  • Winterbourne House and Gardens (Accommodation and Operations)

The winner was Wesley Powell (Security)

Photo of Wesley Powell, Security Services and Andy Allford, Director of Sport)

Wes' Nomination

“Wes received a call from a Mental Health First Aider on campus requesting support to assist with a troubled member of staff. Whilst dealing with the situation Wes was articulate, respectful and professional. After being told that there would be a considerable wait by 111, Wes made the decision to maintain support for the individual, in his capacity as a trained Mental Health First Aid Responder. He later transported the member of staff to hospital, ensuring the correct medical support was provided in a place of safety. Wes went above and beyond to ensure the safety of all persons involved, delivering a very high level of customer service in a challenging and emotional situation.”

Individual of the Year

This award is given in recognition of an individual who lives and breathes the Professional Services values; someone who constantly promotes Campus Services and is open about the great work they, and everyone else, undertakes.

The nominees were:

  • Matt Knight (The Exchange, Venues and Events)
  • Amy Church (Accommodation and Operations)
  • Jane Vella (Facility Services)

The winner was Matt Knight (The Exchange, Venues and Events)

Photo of Matt Knight, Venue Manager The Exchange and Claire Bent, Chair of Extended Leadership Team

Matt's Nomination

“Matt has been relentless in his determination to make the opening of The Exchange a success. He has inspired this team to follow this ethos that no task is too great and that team work will overcome every challenge and any failure is just a lesson. Following his example, the team would move mountains to help him in the task of making The Exchange the standout building of the University. Two years after joining as Venue Manager, he is still full of creative and imaginative ideas to move the venue forward, so we can keep evolving.”

Most Innovative Team or Individual of the Year

This award applauds individuals or teams who have embraced innovative initiatives, demonstrating ambition to be the best in their field – both within HE environments and beyond.

The nominees were:

  • The Raymond Priestley Centre (Sport)
  • Vicky Groves (CS HR Business Partner)
  • The Oaks Day Nursery (Accommodation and Operations)

The winner was The Raymond Priestley Centre (Sport)

 Photo of The Raymond Priestley Centre team and Sarah Wood, Facility Services

The RPC Team's Nomination

“UOB's Outdoor Education Centre lost its ability to connect with students overnight due to the pandemic forcing its temporary closure. The team did their utmost to continue strong relationships with many academic schools and programmes within the University, and despite the centre being unable to open for residential courses, high levels of engagement were achieved. With a highly innovative and passionate approach, the team designed online programmes to help deliver opportunities for students to meet and collaborate on-screen. This included inventive, engaging activities that allowed students to connect and share time together, despite being unable to meet in person. Programmes were delivered to Business students, Accountancy and Finance, International programmes and Biosciences. In addition, the team went on to develop on-campus provision to engage students during Welcome Week and throughout early weeks of Semester 1 in this academic year. This innovative approach enabled the team to still have an impact on hundreds of students, despite not being able to host their usual adventurous activity residential programmes.”

Hero Award

The Hero Award celebrates the achievements of an individual who makes a substantive, yet sometimes unrecognised, contribution. They are perhaps unaware of the impact they have on the lives of their colleagues or the wider University community.  An individual who is open and supportive, while being professional and effective.

The nominees for the Hero Award were:

  • Abdul Dad (The Exchange, Venues and Events)
  • Neil Sheehan (Facility Services)
  • Carl Roberts & Ali Ishtiaq (Security Services)

The winner was Neil Sheehan (Facility Services)

Photo of Neil Sheehan, Facility Services and Einita Suman, Director of Accommodation and Operations

Neil's Nomination

“Neil is one of those special people who goes out of his way for everybody. Nothing is too big or too small for him to help. He interacts with staff on a daily basis and always asks how everyone is. He will never leave part way through a job and he will always stay until the job is complete. He even shared his taxi one night when working at an event with two ladies who were having trouble getting home. When his taxi came first he didn't like to leave them alone, so spoke with the taxi driver and took the ladies home, before getting himself home”

Most Sustainable Initiative of the Year

This award focuses on an individual or team who has actively reviewed working practises and processes to make their activities as sustainable as possible.

The nominees for the Most Sustainable Initiative of Year were:

  • Food Fellows (Business and Operations)
  • Nurseries (Accommodation and Operations)
  • Edward Shelley (Facility Services)

The winner was Food Fellows (Business and Operations)

Photo of Food Fellows team and Malene Stanley, Director of Venues and Events)

Food Fellows' Nomination

“During the pandemic around £5k of stock, that would have been wasted was collected from site and delivered to local charities and schools. It made a huge impact in terms of our social responsibility and saved a huge amount of food going to waste. The team won a Gold award at the Green Impact Awards in September 2021 for what they do every day to support sustainability. Three cafes sell locally roasted "York’s" coffee. Freshly made cakes, bread products, pastries and pies are sourced from a local supplier. More vegan options have been introduced on campus including beer from Stirchley less than 3 miles away from campus. They continue to source authentic, local fresh food, as well as accommodating needs for international guests.”

Director's Award

The Director’s Award gives special recognition to an individual or team who has consistently demonstrated the Professional Services values to enrich the lives of our students, staff and key stakeholders.

The nominees for the Director’s Award were:

Adele Kalsi (Security Services) and David Oram (Venues and Events)  

Over the last year Adele and David have supported the delivery of the University’s lateral flow test centre which, of course, eventually turned into multiple test centres.

With little to no briefing, both individuals stepped up to form a team and, through great communication and excellent collaboration, delivered an excellent operation.

They deserve the highest recognition for being so agile, managing newly formed large teams who delivered 5 test sites over a 9-month period. Thank you to Adele and David.

Winterbourne House and Garden team

This entire team are continually enthused to make their area of work the best it can possibly be. The garden team work with students, volunteers and the Maples nursery to provide a rich and immersive environment. They also support learning placements for student gardeners to help further their studies.

The quality of the work makes the garden a rich and stimulating visit for visitors and regularly features on the best gardens in Birmingham lists.

The Visitor services team work to meet and greet the visitors each day, providing a friendly and informative welcome. They have coped brilliantly with the continuing challenges of covid to make sure that the site is accessible to all whilst providing reassurance to visitors.

The tearoom work tirelessly to meet the demands of the customers each day, many of whom are repeat visitors. It can be a stressful and busy job but they always greet the customers with a smile and show excellent customer service.  

Amy Church

Amy has shown tremendous leadership, flexibility, and resilience in the past twelve months across a number of critical projects.

Amy was seconded in December 2020 to support the institution’s response to Covid-19 which, whilst was not directly in Campus Services, fell heavily on residences and other CS operations. Her close links to Campus Services meant she was a fantastic support for us.

Amy returned as Head of Village Operations in summer 2021 and led the preparations for our first ‘normal’ student return in September 2021, which was very successful. Due to a number of factors, during the busy term 1, the villages teams found themselves five managers short of a full complement. Amy had to ensure service was maintained, as well as that progress was made in various large projects.

The operational handover of Pritchatts Park happened during this period - exceptionally complex in a live site after 50 years of UoB operations there.

Preparations for the Athletes’ Village also progressed successfully, which is a huge undertaking alongside business as usual. These are all major achievements in themselves requiring much planning and time – Amy managed to deliver all of them simultaneously ensuring Student Accommodation went from strength to strength.

This year’s Director’s award winner was Amy Church.


The Longlisted Nominees 

Individual of the Year Award
NomineeNominee Department
Adele Kalsi Security Services
Amy Church Accommodation and Operations
Andrew Atkinson Facility Services
Anita Paine Facility Services
Chris Hill Facility Services
Claire Bent Accommodation and Operations
Clare Barnbrock Edgbaston Park Hotel
Dean Miller Sport
Diana O'Toole Accommodation and Operations
Frances Mann Venues and Events
Hayfaa Joomun Facility Services
Hollie Bantock Venues and Events
Jane Vella Facility Services
Janet Piper Business and Operations
Jennifer Hammond Business and Operations
John Mamo Accommodation and Operations
Julie Hill Facility Services
Julie Robinson Edgbaston Park Hotel
Keri Ann Murray Business and Operations
Kirsty Fereday Facility Services
Lee Hale Accommodation and Operations
Lee Ruddin Security Services
Lorna Brown Venues and Events
Lucy Hall Business and Operations
Lucy Spurrier Sport
Mark Burns Sport
Matt Knight Venues and Events
Mia Harvey Facility Services
Michael Hawkswood Facility Services
Michael Lennon Sport
Michelle Sanchez Venues and Events
Robert Bates Business and Operations
Sarah Wood Facility Services
Tim Owen Accommodation and Operations
Tom Clift Venues and Events
Warren Miller Facility Services
Best Customer Service Award
NomineeNominee Department
Antoinette Driscoll Accommodation and Operations
Barbara Slatford Business and Operations
BOPS Admin team Business and Operations
Car Parking Services Facility Services
Cleaning Services Facility Services
Costa University Centre Business and Operations
Donna Parker-Howard Facility Services
Evadne Comire Business and Operations
Fiona Innes Venues and Events
Ibado Botan Facility Services
Jackie Hogan Facility Services
James Haydock Facility Services
Kate Oakes Business and Operations
Kay Aldhous Business and Operations
Lorraine Donaghey Facility Services
Monika Kobylak Facility Services
Nurseries Accommodation and Operations
Rami Khayal Facility Services
Sadia Abukar Facility Services
Tracy Bailey Accommodation and Operations
Transport Services Facility Services
Wesley Powell Security Services
Winterbourne House and Gardens Accommodation and Operations
Collaborative Working Award
NomineeNominee Department
Alicia Burton Accommodation and Operations
CWG Ops Group Venues and Events
Eden Whitehead Facility Services
Hayfaa Joomun Facility Services
John Mamo Accommodation and Operations
Matilda Stanley Business and Operations
Rob Bates Business and Operations
Sales Office - EPH Edgbaston Park Hotel
Sarah Wood Facility Services
Sport Marketing Team Sport
The Exchange Venues and Events
Tom Leach Venues and Events
Most Innovative Team/Individual of the Year Award
NomineeNominee Department
Chris Anthony and the Sports Team Sport
David Gorjup Business Partners (Finance/HR/IT)
Jackie Spellacy Accommodation and Operations
Postal Services Facility Services
The Oaks Day Nursery Facility Services
The Raymond Priestley Centre Sport
Vicky Groves HR Business Partners
Hero Award
NomineeNominee Department
Abdul Dad Venues and Events
Ali Ishtiaq & Carl Roberts Security Services
Andrew Aldridge Sport
Anita Paine Facility Services
Bradley Martin Business and Operations
Brendan Creaby Accommodation and Operations
Brian Smith Security Services
Carl Roberts Security Services
Caroline Kerins Business and Operations
Chris Lane Facility Services
Daniel Burford Business and Operations
Diana O'Toole Accommodation and Operations
Donna Parker-Howard Facility Services
Fiona Innes Venues and Events
Jackie Spellacy Accommodation and Operations
Jade Howard Facility Services
James Haydock Facility Services
James Liddiard Facility Services
Janet Piper Facility Services
Julie Hill Facility Services
Karl Hall Business and Operations
Keri Ann Murray Business and Operations
Kevin Field Sport
Lorraine Donaghey Facility Services
Mandy Leek Facility Services
Mark Assinder Sport
Matthew Loughrey Edgbaston Park Hotel
Michelle Sanchez Venues and Events
Neil Sheehan Facility Services
Nikki Green Business and Operations
Opindra Bangerh Facility Services
Paula Hunt Accommodation and Operations
Perry Connolly Facility Services
Roy Bousfield Facility Services
Selam Solomon Facility Services
Sue Pritchard Accommodation and Operations
Teresa Read Sport
Tracey Whyte Edgbaston Park Hotel
Victoria May Facility Services
Wei Xi Tan Business and Operations
Most Sustainable Initiative of the Year Award
NomineeNominee Department
Customer Service Managers Accommodation and Operations
Edward Shelley Facility Services
Food Fellows Business and Operations
Jade Willetts Facility Services
Nurseries Accommodation and Operations
Post, Portering and Transport Facility Services
Transport Services Facility Services
Providing Outstanding Student Experience Award
NomineeNominee Department
Amy Church Accommodation and Operations
Customer Service Assistants -
Accommodation and Operations
Edward Shelley Facility Services
Hayfaa Joomun Facility Services
James Haydock Facility Services
Jared Alforque Facility Services
Jason Collier Accommodation and Operations
Matthew Lake Security Services
Mia Harvey Facility Services
Performance Centre Team Sport
Sport and Fitness Operations Team Business and Operations
UoB Sport Events, Marketing and Club Development Sport
Vanessa Neal Accommodation and Operations
Winterbourne House Team Accommodation and Operations
Team of the Year Award
NomineeNominee Department
Accommodation & Living Team Accommodation and Operations
BOPs Senior Management Team (Martin Bembridge, Louise Sherratt and Karen Morrey) Business and Operations
Bramall Cafe Team Business and Operations
Bramall Tech Team Venues and Events
Catering Team - The Exchange Business and Operations
Cleaning Team Facility Services
Cleaning Services Team 5 Facility Services
Costa Uni Centre Business and Operations
Costcutter Team Business and Operations
Edgbaston Park Hotel Edgbaston Park Hotel
F&B Kitchen - EPH Edgbaston Park Hotel
Food Fellows Hospitality and Logistics Team Business and Operations
Maintenance Facility Services
Med Cafe Business and Operations
Medical School Facility Services
Porters Facility Services
Reception Sport
Security Security Services
The Exchange Operations Team Venues and Events
The Owl Room, The Elms Nursery Accommodation and Operations
The Squirrel Room, The Elms Nursery Accommodation and Operations
Thomas Cornfield and the Portering Team Facility Services
UBSport Marketing Team Sport
UBSport Operations Team Sport
Visitor Services Team, Winterbourne Accommodation and Operations
Winterbourne Tearoom Team Accommodation and Operations




Professional Services