Washroom and building facilities

While a lot of the work we do is behind the scenes, we also look after many of the hygiene facilities you use every day. 


Hand dryers

Cannon hand dryers can be found in most buildings on campus. If you spot that one has failed, please let your building manager know and ask the Estates team to check the power. If there is still an issue with the dryer, please report it to us, letting us know the make, model, colour, and location of the dryer.

Towel dispensers

Some areas on campus have roller towel and blue paper towel dispensers rather than hand dryers. If you discover a faulty or damaged dispenser, please contact us, detailing the issue and exact location.

Floor mats

Our dust mats are supplied by phs and are changed on a regular basis to keep them clean. They’re placed in areas of heavy footfall to collect dust and debris, protect hard floors, and keep people safe. If you spot any issues or have a query about our floor mats, please get in touch.


Professional Services