Reuse platform Warp-It saves UoB £50,000 in it's first year

Warp It reuse network

Look how far you’ve come!

Since implementing the Warp-It reuse platform back in September 2018 you’ve hit a huge milestone…… Warp-It passed the £50,000 savings mark

Congratulations, this is a fantastic achievement by each and every one of you who have used the system. You should give yourselves a well-earned pat on the back and a few high fives for your contribution to this significant saving to the University.

Warp-It is designed to make it very easy for staff at the University of Birmingham to loan or give surplus items to other staff across the University. This is all about saving you time and money and being smarter with our resources of course.

 "It's just so easy to interact and claim the items"-  Jacqueline Deans, Chemical Engineering

So far the 275 members using the platform has saved the University:

  • £50,000
  • 8.43 tonnes of waste diverted
  • 26.12 tonnes of CO2 saved and planted the equivalent of 35 trees

Share the good news with your colleagues especially those not yet registered with Warp-It and if they have an item that is taking up space that they don’t need, tell them to put it on Warp It or if they are looking for an item check Warp It before they buy new!

Share this link with them so they can find out more and register

We have exciting plans around the corner to broaden membership and extend the “market place” giving you increased opportunities to find a new home for you unwanted resources….keep an eye out for updates.

If you have any questions or suggestions to share please get in touch with me on


Thank you for being a member of Warp-It and making a difference


Peter Larkin

Environmental Services

Hospitality and Accommodation Services


Professional Services