Skip Hire

skipsSubmit this form if your college or department has a large quantity of waste.

Please attach a photo if possible to help us place the skip in the correct location.

Please note that hazardous, clinical or electrical waste cannot be placed in any skip on campus. For correct disposal of these items please see our relevant webpages. Mattresses can be disposed of for an additional cost. Please contact the team for further information. 

Biffa aim to recycle at least 98% of items from all skips.

Please contact Car Parking Services in advance if your skip will be taking up a parking space.

Top Tips from Biffa:

Plan on how to load all the rubbish on your skip

Throwing all the waste or rubbish into the skip without having any plan will result in wasting plenty of space. To maximise the space of your skip, make sure to load it with a good plan.

  • Load all the flat items first (plywood, table tops, etc.) then load all the bulky and heavy items. Make sure to tightly pack your rubbish also to minimise the airspace that might take a lot of space.
  • After laying all the flat items into the skip, follow it by loading all the bulky and heavy items. This is to make sure that every space of the skip will be used. Make sure to load these bulky items in a manner that no space will be left unfilled.
  • Then crush all the remaining items to into smaller chunks and load them in the skip by filling all the remaining space. 

Don’t overload the skip

Every skip you will hire will have markers to indicate the fill levels. An overfilled skip won’t be accepted by Biffa as there are rules to be followed on transporting the skip bins, overfilled skip bins may subject to fines. Make sure to monitor the fill level of the skip as you load it with waste.


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