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Vehicle Hire

Please give at least 72 hours' notice when you hire a vehicle, as wider supply issues within the industry have reduced availability. For the same reasons, the model supplied may vary.

UoB Fleet Medium

Vehicles to be used on University business should be hired through Transport Services: please contact extension 43081 for a quote.

When travelling for University business please try to use public transport wherever possible.  This can be booked via Key Travel.  Please visit the Business Travel pages for more information on travelling for work.

If public transport is not available or feasible then Transport Services can arrange a vehicle for your trip.  There are a range of vehicles available.  Details of costs can be found within the vehicle hire form (scroll to the bottom).

Please see regulations regarding the use of university vehicles (Word - 151KB)

Please read further guidance for university fleet and hire vehicle drivers here. 

Vehicle hire

To hire a car please use our vehicle hire online booking form 

Pick up and Return Service from Enterprise

What is it, and how does it work?

Enterprise has the largest branch network of any car rental company with more than 400 locations throughout the country.  The size of this branch network means that 91% of the population are within 10 miles of an Enterprise Branch.  This leaves Enterprise uniquely placed to offer a pick-up and return service for our customers as a convenient and beneficial alternative to vehicle delivery and collection.  Customers just have to arrange a pick up time.  Enterprise will then collect them from work or home, take them to the branch, obtain signatures on the contract, and quickly they’ll be on their way.  Returning the vehicle is just as simple: customers drop the hire car back to one of our local off hires and we will provide them a lift back to their home or workplace.

8 Great reasons to use it

  1. Faster Response time.  Our Stirchley branch can react more quickly to urgent bookings using the pick-up service, often reducing response times dramatically.
  2. Choice of make and model. When arriving at the Enterprise branch, if there are multiple vehicles available in the car class booked, the customer may select their preferred make and model.
  3. Avoid parking issues on campus and at home.  The vehicle supplied only when required, relieving issues of parking permits, limited spaces, tickets or payment of meters.
  4. Eliminate disputes about damage and fuel charges.  The condition of the vehicle and the amount of fuel is agreed in the presence of both parties at handover and return.  Vehicles are not waiting for collection on campus car parks and at risk of new damage
  5. Reduce Pollution. By utilising only one vehicle to pick-up the customer as opposed to using two vehicles required for delivery and collection.  CO2 emissions are reduced by over 30% and this helps to support the University’s goals for reducing emissions.
  6. Duty of Care.  Customers are made aware of specific vehicle controls such as mirror and seat adjustment and wipers and lights etc.  They have the opportunity to ask questions such as ‘where is the petrol flap release button’ thus avoiding potentially frustrating situations!
  7. Enterprise is closer.  There’s a branch within 10 miles of 91% of the population.  Your local branch to the main University of Birmingham campus is our team in Stirchley:
    • 1250 Pershore Rd, Stirchley, B30 2YA
    • Also close by; 9019 Suffolk St, Central Birmingham B1 1LT
    • Also close by; Springhill Passage, Springhill, Birmingham, B18 7AH
  1. Customer satisfaction. Customers taking advantage of the pick-up service have been proven to have higher satisfaction levels.

Staff minibus hire

To hire a minibus as a member of staff, please use the staff minibus hire form

NB - Due to weight legislation on 17 seat minibuses only University owned buses can be offered for staff hire as they fall within the 3.5 weight restriction

Student vehicle hire

To hire a vehicle for Athletic Union or Guild Society please use the AU/GS vehicle hire form.

Hiring a vehicle for overseas

Should you wish to book a vehicle whilst on University business overseas this can be booked via Key Travel through your school or department key travel booker.  Link to Key Travel here.




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