2011 OSCARS results

Winners and Highly Commended

HAS OSCARS winners 2011 - Matt Larmouth and Abi OwenTeam of the Year

Highly Commended: Specialist Cleaning Team

  • Received 5 Nominations
  • A specialist cleaning team of 4 staff who go around the whole university undertaking cleaning jobs others are unable to complete, high level cleaning, deep cleaning tasks etc
  • The team have received many thanks and much appreciation from very satisfied customers who have benefited from their hard work and professional approach.

Winner: Medical Café Team

  • Received 7 Nominations, 5 of which were from customers and lecturers
  • A team where nothing is too much trouble, always cheerful, polite and a "can do" approach even when short staffed, excellent atmosphere and fantastic customer service.
  • Never any grumbles when last minute changes happen with function either numbers increases or different requirements are required; a great team effort to make sure the customers are happy, we couldn't really do without them!

Most Inspirational Team Member

Highly Commended: Stewart Turner – Head Chef Staff House

  • Committed to improving Staff House's food offer with new menu’s, new service style in the Noble room with excellent feedback from customers since September 2010.
  • Serves and cooks Meadowcroft dinners when Vice Chancellor entertains for just 2 and never complains, often working much longer hours
  • Won 2 team awards at this years Chefs competition for TUCO in Blackpool
  • A true perfectionist and an inspiration to his team.

Winner: Rory Shannon – University Centre Assistant Catering Manager

  • A new employee from August 2010, Rory has developed team building initiatives, improved customer service and organised outside work events to improve the team ethos
  • Successfully opened a relaunched Café Go and a new Café spice in September 2010 with many new team members.
  • Constantly looking to improve the offer and customer service to all customers that use the new area.

Achievement of the Year

Highly Commended: Erika Malone - venuebirmingham

  • Erika has been instrumental in setting up an online gift shop, she worked with Finance to set up the e-shop and on Proactis to showcase gifts and to offer an online ordering service for both internal and external customers
  • Erika works on events to offer the gift service for alumni and reunion weekends

Winner: Living Team Taster Day

  • Over the last 2-3 years the team have improved this event year on year and all work together to deliver a great accommodation viewing in all villages.
  • They provide a true taster to potential students and parents what life is like and the vibrancy of campus and accommodation.

Unsung Hero

Special Bravery Thanks go to David Turner for putting his own life at risk to save a member of maintenance team from falling through a floor in Park Grange.

Highly commended: Eileen Crawford – Staff House, Starbucks

  • Eileen works anywhere she is required and is incredibly flexible member of the team, she works in Starbucks and then comes over to Staff House and always fresh and full of life.
  • She delivers sandwich lunches to the VC's suite, always meticulously checking the order.
  • She clears and serves teas and coffees when short staffed and still completes her normal duties after carrying out all these other tasks
  • She never stops and is a great asset to the team

Winner Albert Felton – Cleaning Services

  • Albert provides excellent standards and is an inspiration to his team, will cover colleagues in any absences, mentors new staff and identifies carpet cleaning requirements.
  • He is a great communicator and always polite to customers
  • Excellent attendance record and never takes all his holidays, he is a true unsung hero

Best Customer Service

Highly Commended: Tina Tipper – Cleaning Services

  • The business school has many weekend modules, VIP events and conference bookings of which leads to a huge amount of mess and sometimes unavoidable late notice to request cleaning but Tina always ensures this is carried out to a high standard.
  • Tina makes sure our staff and students rarely notice cleaning, she always making sure she can swap staff around to meet our needs, in fact Tina has been spotted polishing floors and vacuuming herself when the notice was too short to reassign staff, always approachable and very pleasant and works well with Facilities Manager

Winner: Mathew Larmouth – Café Aroma Staff House 1st Floor

  • Received 4 nominations
  • Mathew’s customer service skills are excellent he ensures all customers are treated with professionalism and respect; he uses customer’s names if known and gets drinks ready for regulars before they arrive at the counter. He ensures all his team are trained to a high standard to ensure an excellent customer service
  • Listens to his customer needs and ensures new products are brought in to satisfy their requirements
  • Matt is extremely polite, is sensitive to customers need and time constraints especially when busy, he is friendly adaptable and will go that extra mile to offer excellent customer service.
  • He always has a cheery disposition and nothing appears to be too much trouble

Leader of the Year

Highly Commended: Thomas Cornfield – Porters Team Leader

  • Thomas since joining the porters has transformed the efficiency of the team, he delegates well and his organisational skills with both paperwork and the practical side of his job have made for increased accuracy with recharging and porters duties and understanding of what customers need.
  • He always has a can do attitude and has organised team building with other departments football matches with grounds and gardens
  • He encourages his team and goes out of his way to meet customer requirements.

Winner: Abigail Owen – Starbucks Muirhead Tower

  • Received 2 Nominations
  • Abi works hard to lead a highly motivated and happy team. The team month per month get a mystery shopper visit from Starbucks and the team with Abi’s leaderships have scored 100% 3 times and average over 85% this is an excellent goal to achieve and a very difficult one.
  • Training is a major challenge in the store with new products and drinks coming from Starbucks launches and Abi always manages to get all staff trained and performing the new products in time for the launch.
  • Abigail motivates her team with team games, monthly staff meetings and is always leading from the front, she is always smiling and happy and we get much customer praise about her and the team and Facebook mentions.
  • Abigail has improved the communication in the team with handover dairies and clear goals and tasks for all staff have been set out.
  • Sales continue to grow and customers never mind queuing, Abi is a team leader and an inspiration to all.
  • Directors Newcomer Award – James Robertson
  • Directors Team Award – Sport for BUCS success
  • Directors Award – Abigail Owen

The photos from the 2011 OSCARS and the 2010 Oscars are on the venuebirmingham page on Flickr

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