Reducing the impact of our business travel

Technology is reducing the need for travel. Before booking a train or a plane to attend a meeting or conference ask yourself if travel is really required.

The University has a range of video conferencing facilities to help you take part in research collaborations, large-scale international conferences and interviews with remote candidates.

Click here to find out more about BEARView, the university's most advanced video conferencing system.

The Learning Resources and Accommodation Team (LRAT) provide high quality video conferencing facilities to any campus location equipped with a campus network point. The portable equipment offers very high quality sound and video. Booking should be made at least one week in advance and you should allow an hour of setup time before the video conference plus 30 minutes after the conference. 


Replacing planes with trains

If travelling to mainland Europe for University business could you travel by train rather than plane?  Travelling by Eurostar and conventional train significantly reduces the carbon emissions of your trip.  Plus once you factor in travelling to the airport and check in times the time difference may be minimal with a less stressful journey.

You can book Eurostar online via Key Travel whilst the dedicated support team can help with trains in mainland Europe.

This website 'The Man in Seat 61' has a wealth of information on travelling by train to Europe and further afield.




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