Safe Travel Guidance

Travel around safe and sound

However you travel across campus it is important that you follow simple guidance and adopt a considerate and safe approach to ensure that you stay safe throughout your journey.  

Campus speed limit

The campus speed limit is 15mph for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Cycling safety

It is a legal requirement to have a working front and rear light on your bicycle during hours of darkness.  It is also common sense!  Our onsite bike shop Urban Cycles stock a wide range of bike lights.

The Highway Code lists the rules for cyclists.

Follow this link for a really useful article from Sustrans on being safe when cycling on the roads.

It is also important to emphasise that road safety is the responsibility of all road users and not just those who are most vulnerable such as cyclists and pedestrians.  

Operation Close Pass - West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police are the first police force in the country to actively prosecute motorists who drive unsafely around cyclists.  They are particularly focussing on the 'close pass' where not enough space is left when overtaking cyclists.  The initiative has received national coverage and led to a number of other police forces introducing similar schemes.  For more information on this scheme and how to submit evidence if you are victime of bad driving click the links below:

WMP Close pass blog

How to report bad driving

Driving - Winter Weather Travel Tips

Birmingham City Council list a few simple steps to help you 'be prepared' for the onset of winter.

Public Transport

Centro, West Midlands Police, British Transport Police and Transport Operators make up the Safer Travel Partnership, which exists to make public transport in the West Midlands even safer. 

The Partnership, the first of its type in the country, also has access to around 1000 CCTV cameras which are located at Bus, Rail and Metro stations, Park and Ride sites, Bus routes and in Bus shelters. The dedicated control centre is staffed 24 hours a day to spot and respond to incidents.


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