Casual Worker FAQs

I have been offered a casual job on campus - what do I do next?

If you have been offered a casual role at the University of Birmingham, your hiring manager will be contact with Worklink (student casuals) or the HR Operations Team (teaching support & non-student casuals) to inform them of your casual work assignment. Once the request has been received, the respective teams will email you a work offer, which we ask that you accept within 3 working days. Upon receipt of your acceptance, we will progress with the setup of your casual assignment and confirm your next steps.

You will also be asked to complete your joiners information if you have had a break in employment, or if this is your first casual work with the University.

In line with employment law, you will need to provide your original Right to Work documents to your Hiring Manager, prior to starting work, in order to be eligible for payment. Any failure to do so will result in you not being able to receive payment for this work and a delay in a casual offer being issued.

How do I set up Remote Access?

If you require access to the Core System to submit timecards, view payslips, or to add bank account details and you are off campus, you will need to have Remote Access enabled. Remote Access is not required when accessing the system on campus.

Please view the video and step-by-step instructions of how to set up remote access using a two factor authenticator. Please ensure that when logging into remote access you tick the “all internet activity" box - without ticking the box, an error message will appear.

How do I access my casual worker username and reset my password?

If you are logging into the Core System for the first time, you will have received an ‘Assignment Confirmation’ email from HR or Worklink. This email contains your University person number, and next steps to follow to enable you to access the Core System.

Please contact the IT Service Desk who will be able to supply your new account details. Further guidance can be found on the IT Service Desk webpages.

Where do I enter my bank details?

A detailed help-guide on how to enter bank account details into Core Systems can be found on the Core Canvas pages and the payroll deadlines can be accessed here.  

Payroll is run monthly and it is really important that you enter your bank details promptly, to avoid any delays with your pay.  

I have International Bank Details, how do I enter these into Core Systems?

International Bank Details cannot be added through self-service. Therefore, if you are a student casual worker, please raise a query with the Worklink team through the Worklink Portal and a member of the team will add these on your behalf.

If you are a non-student or teaching support casual worker, please contact the HR Operations team at and the team will enter these on your behalf.

My timecards are showing Project/Task, what does this mean?

If your timecards are showing project/task then you will not be able to submit your hours. Please raise a call with the IT Service Desk to get this resolved prior to the timecard deadline, otheriwse this may delay payment for your work. 

Where can I view my payslips?

A detailed help-guide on how to access your payslips in the Core System can be found on the Core Canvas pages under ‘Payslip information – accessing and what they mean’.

I have a pay related query, what can I do to resolve this?

If you have submitted your hours by the payroll deadlines, entered your bank account details by the correct cut-off date and have still not received payment then please raise a query with the Payroll team by emailing them at

To understand your payslip please access the Core Canvas pages under ‘Payslip Information – accessing and what they mean’.

I have paid National Insurance, why?

You will pay National Insurance if your earnings have gone over the National Insurance threshold for that week. You can find government guidance on the National Insurance threshold here.

I do not have a National Insurance number, how can I get one?

Please call the National Insurance Number application helpline on 0800 141 2075 or visit the government website here.

I have a goodwill catering voucher.

Will the expiration date be extended due to Covid-19 and restricted campus activity?

Yes, it has been confirmed that the expiry date on the goodwill catering gift vouchers has been automatically extended up to the end of April 2021.



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