BUBUG is Birmingham University Bicycle Users Group.

BUBUG was formed on 27th February 1996 when a group of University cyclists held an opening meeting and started asking the University to engage with them about cycle provision on campus.  Since that date the group has worked constructively with a number of staff in the Estates Office and Hospitality and Accommodation Services (HAS) to promote cycling at the University of Birmingham.

 Anyone that is interested in helping with the group's activities are welcome.  Please contact one of the group 

Since its formation the group has been involved in activities including:

  • Surveying cycle parking on campus.
  • Suggesting locations for additional cycle parking.
  • Encouraging the University to adopt a Salary Sacrifice Cycle Purchase Scheme for staff to purchase cycles.
  • Leafleting cycles round campus to alert cyclists to forthcoming events or to the vulnerability of their cycle security equipment.
  • The group continues to make contributions to new developments and to the University's Sustainable Travel Plan. 

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