Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Bicycle Users Group: QEBUG

Dr Stephen Young is looking to start a Bicycle Users Group at the Queen Elizabeth Hosiptal Birmingham to campaign for improved facilities for cyclists and to advertise the existing facilities.  An increase in the number of cycle parking spaces is top of the list.  In the meantime we will shortly be adding the available cycle parking in the QE area to our existing map of cycle parking and showers on the main University campus.  In due course we may have a separate map for the QE facilities in this section of the BUBUG web page.

Steve Young head and shoulders photo













If you are interested in supporting Steve in his efforts, please get in touch with him by email.  Steve has for many years been (and still is) a member of the Birmingham University Bicycle Users Group (BUBUG) and aims to continue that strong relationship with BUBUG when a new QEBUG is formed.


Steve is a member of staff in the Rheumatology Research Group of the
College of Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham but is based for his work in the Queen Elizaebth Hospital.  Steve has been campaigning for some time now for improved cycle facilities at the Medical School where the cycle parking at the front of the building is always over-subscribed.

Medical School cycle parking at the front of the building

In August 2012, Steve circulated a survey to staff in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences to gather views on the cycle facilities staff had access to. His survey generated 91 responses in a week and his report highighted a desire for improved cycle parking, lockers and showers amongst staff; as well as a greater clarity of information about what facilities were already available. 


In his spare time, Steve is also a SUSTRANS ranger for the local area.