Worcester and Birmingham Canal

The canal which runs next to the University of Birmingham is known as the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. The canal towpath is widely used for cycling. However, many people may not realize that the towpaths are the property of the Canal and River Trust.  On 2 July 2012, British Waterways ceased to exist in England and Wales and in its place Canal & River Trust was set up to care for 2,000 miles of historic waterways.    


BUBUG has been active over the years in corresponding and meeting with British Waterways (and now the Canal and River Trust) to improve the conditions for cyclists on the canals close to the Birmingham University campus. The management of the Canal Trust recognize the importance of the canal towpaths for cyclists and are supporting the use of cycles on the towpaths.    

As part of Birmingham Cycle Revolution this towpath has been resufaced, and on June 27th rebuilding of the steps by University station starts : at least 10 yerars after first being promised. The new steps will be shallower and have a bicycle wheeling channel.

Currently, the steps are steep and carrying cycles up these steps requires determination! 
















One day, maybe we can argue the case successfully for the quality of access that cyclists joining the canal at Bournville Station now enjoy.















The Canal and River Trust welcomes considerate cyclists to its towpaths and you don't need a permit to use your bike on any of their towpaths. However, they ask that cyclists take a look at their Greenways Code for Towpaths before they take to the towpaths. Lots of people visit the waterways, for many different reasons, and everyone is entitled to feel happy and safe whilst they're visiting.