Campus cycle facilities

Facilities for cyclists on the Birmingham University campus are generally good and there has been a significant increase in both covered parking facilities and Sheffield stands in the past few years.

Our cycle parking and showers map will help you locate all the available facilities that we are aware of on the campus.

We have some very good cycle parking facilities but also (sadly) some less good parking facilities that we would like to see upgraded.  And as you might expect, we have a wish list of places where we would like to see additional cycle parking provided.

Physics East covered cycle storage


On the campus itself we have some a small number of shared cycle paths.  We have a particularly effective set of dedicated contraflow lanes on the south gate access route where vehicular traffic is tidal on the single lane road.

Bike lanes on the South Gate approach to the University

And we have a few obstructions we could do without!  No bypass lane at the barrier on either side of the road, and no dropped kerb to join or leave the adjacent path.

West Gate road barrier

 We continue to work the Estates department to try to develop cycle friendly facilities.