Cycling on and around the University of Birmingham


The University of Birmingham campus offers a range of facilities for those who wish to cycle to their place to work or study.  For those who are thinking about starting to cycle (either to work or for leisure) there are links on this web page to local cycle trainers and to options for obtaining a bike (whether new or second hand) or hiring a bike for a quick blast into town.

You'll find key contacts for various parts of the campus here; so if you're new to the campus, get in touch with someone in your area. 

And if you find problems or defects that need a maintenance visit, please let our Estates maintenance office know.

Getting to the Campus

Did you know the National Cycle Network: Route number 5 goes very near to the University?  Or that the Worcester & Birmingham canal allows easy access right into the heart of the Edgbaston campus?

If you live a couple of miles from your workplace and usually drive, why not try cycling? is a good place to look for a route.

Bike parking and showers

Our Google map shows the locations and data on the cycle parking racks/shelters, lockers and showers.

Sustainable travel

The University of Birmingham provides a business mileage allowance for travel by pedal cycles.  As part of the University's sustainable travel plan, staff are now able to claim 20p per mile.  The current information on all mileage rates for business related travel are available on the Finance department's web site in the Expenses section.

The University's sustainable travel co-ordinator is able to provide further advice and information for staff and students and this SmartMover Guide is also available.


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