West Midlands police room

The West Midlands Police liaison room in University Centre (near the Spar) is open on a Wednesday between 12.00 and 15.00. The office is routinely staffed by West Midlands Police , including PC Charlie Richards.  Please call by as those staffing the office can provide a range of advice.

Subsidised D-locks may be available for sale. 

The office provides a central point for officers from Bournvillle Lane Operational Command Unit whilst on patrol, thereby giving them more time to patrol the campus, helping to reduce crime and make everyone feel safer. It makes the police more accessible and available to both staff and students and demonstrates a partnership between the Police and the University.



You can also register your bicycle (and other valuables such as laptops and mobile phones) on the Immobilise database at the University Police rooom or online at any time. This is FREE OF CHARGE. This registers your cycle on a national database with a unique reference number. Should your cycle be stolen and subsequently recovered, it will be possible to identify the rightful owner. If you register your address and then move to a new one you simply advise the database managers of your new details.



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